This week marked the annual Legalweek show in New York, one of the world’s largest and most prominent legal technology conferences. Although COVID kept me from attending, it is not keeping me from covering the news coming out of the show.

Previously, I posted part one of my roundup of Legalweek news, featuring news from Reveal-Brainspace, Casepoint, DISCO, ContractPodAi, Haystack ID and the newly launched Repario. Now here is part two.

Everlaw Announces Visual Intelligence and Automation Updates

The ediscovery and litigation company Everlaw unveiled three new features at Legalweek: Communication Visualizer, Video Depositions and Cloud Connectors for Zoom. Everlaw said that the features “deliver unprecedented visual intelligence and automation to help legal teams quickly find hidden stories and context in the growing bodies of digital evidence.”

  • Everlaw’s Communication Visualizer is designed to uncover hidden relationships between people often concealed in big data sets.

    The Communication Visualizer is designed to uncover hidden relationships in conversations that may be concealed in large data sets, in order to identify outliers and patterns. Small circles – or nodes – represent key players. Larger nodes indicate higher volumes of correspondence, and the size of the line between any two nodes shows how often people email each other, Everlaw says. Interactivity allows teams to instantly isolate specific communications between individuals, dig further into the communication, refine date ranges, specific email accounts and even view the specific documents.

  • The Video Depositions tool allows legal teams to analyze video depositions alongside the corresponding synced transcript. It integrates with Everlaw’s Storybuilder tool so that, as legal teams build a case in Storybuilder by citing testimony, the corresponding snipped of video is directly available. The Video Depositions tool also allows users to edit video snippets, automatically create video snippets when they highlight transcripts, search for and jump to keywords, and collaborate with others.
  • The new Cloud Connectors automate the ingestion of data and video from Zoom and nine other popular enterprise applications and data sources, including Slack, Google Vault and Microsoft 365.

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Evisort’s New AI Capability Analyzes Up to 450K Contracts Per Day

The CLM platform Evisort announced at Legalweek announced new AI-driven contract processing with advanced OCR ingesting that it says represents “a massive leap in capacity,” capable of ingesting and analyzing up to 450,000 contracts per day, an advance that it says will help organizations build contract repositories in mere days instead of months.

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Evisort says that key highlights of this next-generation AI contract processing include:

  • Overcoming common OCR challenges, such as deciphering handwriting, blurry text, tables, headers, footers and watermarks.
  • Recognizing multilingual handwriting and typed text, including non-Latin characters, providing enterprises with a clearer view of their global operations.
  • Utilizing generative AI capabilities to assist users in drafting, redlining, and negotiating contracts based on existing AI contract data and large language models.

“With these AI enhancements, Evisort’s solution empowers enterprise customers to develop a more accurate lens into their worldwide operations, including regional offices, via connected contract data,” the company says.

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New Integrations from LawPay, CASEpeer and MyCase

New integrations were announced from LawPay, CASEpeer and MyCase, all of which are owned by Affinipay, the parent company of LawPay, which acquired CASEpeer as part of its acquisition of MyCase last year.

With LawPay having recently announced a new product tier, LawLawPay Pro, that enhances the standard LawPay electronic payments platform with the addition of legal billing features, LawPay has now also announced a partnership with QuickBooks Online. The integration allows small and medium-sized legal firms to automatically upload LawPay transaction data to QuickBooks Online.

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Yesterday at Legalweek, CASEpeer announced a new integration with Milestones, a product that automatically sends clients custom text messages to notify them of updates in their cases.

“The CASEpeer and Milestones integration unfolds an opportunity to intensify its platform to meet the needs of all personal injury firms and beyond,” Dru Armstrong, CEO of AffiniPay, said in an announcement. “The combination of services between CASEpeer and Milestones Software will strengthen its proactive communication, client satisfaction, and transparency.”

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MyCase said it continues to add integrations into its platform, with the most recent being the beta release of its integration with Zapier. MyCase said that this integration provides its customers with the flexibility to customize MyCase to meet their firm’s specific needs. Using this integration, MyCase customers can automate workflows, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, it said.

Other integrations already released this year include Proof, Infotrack, and version 2 of Kenect, and two additional integrations are planned for release in April, LegalBoards and EsquireTek.

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[Disclosure: My son is a MyCase employee.]

Hanzo Announces Spotlight+, Offering AI-Powered Data Enrichment Tools

Hanzo, a company whose products help enterprise legal, governance and compliance teams manage collaboration and web-based data, announced the launch of Spotlight+,  a new add-on data intelligence layer in Hanzo Illuminate, Hanzo’s intelligent e-discovery collection and culling solution.

Hanzo says that Spotlight+ is a data-intelligence layer that helps users visualize data, offering large enterprises the scalability necessary to manage early case assessment of collaboration data efficiently. Its AI-powered data enhancement automates the detection of PII, toxicity, unwanted behaviors, and more.

Customers can filter using facets to pinpoint sensitive information and discover specific classifications during early case assessment for rapid insights into the data before export and outside counsel review. By providing quick and accurate messages and file intelligence of collected content, enterprise legal teams have the information necessary to support internal investigations or e-discovery matters, Hanzo says.

“It’s not uncommon for large organizations to have to make sense of thousands of channels and millions of messages,” said Dave Ruel, VP of product at Hanzo. “We’re embedding AI in Illuminate and adding categorization libraries that can rapidly analyze massive repositories of data, documents, and other artifacts, which will help enterprises more easily discover, classify, and protect sensitive data stored within cloud applications such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Workspace and more.”

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LexCheck Announces Partnerships with LinkSquares and LegalEase

LexCheck, a company whose platform provides AI-powered contract review and negotiation, announced two partnerships this week, one with contract management company LinkSquares and the other with LegalEase Solutions, which provides contract review services. 

LexCheck and LinkSquares say their partnership will “increase deal velocity” by helping businesses accelerate the contract lifecycle process from creation to renewal.

“When sales and legal partner, they can reduce friction, allowing contracts to be turned quicker and deals to close faster,” said Gary Sangha, CEO of LexCheck. “By partnering together, our platforms are becoming more powerful, and can help to drive both companies’ missions forward.”

“LexCheck is a great partnership that can add to the work we’re already doing to elevate the status of legal teams to drive better business outcomes,” said Vishal Sunak, CEO of LinkSquares.

With regard to the LegalEase partnership, the companies said it will integrate LexCheck’s contract review and negotiation technology into LegalEase’s contract review services.

“In doing so, the companies will create a seamless hybrid contract review offering that combines the best of artificial and human intelligence to generate accurate redlines and feedback in an accelerated manner for non-disclosure agreements, vendor contracts and more,” the companies said in a press release.

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Logikcull Unveils ChatGPT Integration

The e-discovery company Logikcull unveiled several new features, including Logikbot AI, a tool that uses ChatGPT to let users command various actions on documents.

Logikcull said that Logikbot AI puts ChatGPT on the command line on the document viewer, where a user can command various kinds of actions on a document, such as “find the smoking gun,” “summarize this document,” “translate into english,” or “create a timeline.”

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Three other new features the company introduced are:

  • Suggested Tags, an active learning AI that will suggest to a user what tags they should apply to a document based on the tagging of other similar documents.
  • Automations, an AI automation engine that allows users to program Logikcull’s AI routines.
  • Global Redactions, allowing redactions across large document sets.

You can watch the full video of Logikcull’s launch event, with other announcements and demos, at this link.