How do you react when someone mentions the Socratic method? Are you immediately transported back to law school, cowering at your desk in hopes you aren’t the professor’s next victim? Or do you miss the lively and challenging debate the method facilitated?
Whether it’s law school, CLE, or generic education settings, the term “Socratic method” is thrown around as a
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The Illinois State Bar Association is recruiting law students and newer attorneys to rural Illinois.
Its Rural Practice Fellowship Program is designed to address the shortage of lawyers in the less-populated regions of Illinois by connecting rural and small-town law firms with law students and newer attorneys who are interested in practicing in this setting.
The disappearance of rural lawyers
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While neurodiversity might be an unfamiliar word for many, its meaning is simple. We all have different brains. For the legal field, there is value in this, as we need to be able to look at problems in different ways and find new approaches to solving those problems. Haley Moss is an author, attorney, and advocate for neurodiversity, and is
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ACEDS and Hanzo have partnered for the second year in a row to survey the market on the use of collaboration data for ediscovery and litigation. We aimed to measure trends of what collaboration data has been embraced by enterprises and how ready these organizations are to manage this data. On December 7th, ACEDS and Hanzo will host a webinar,
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The pandemic caused civil courts in the United States to adopt technology at an unprecedented pace and scale, improving participation in court proceedings and helping users resolve disputes more efficiently.
But this accelerated adoption of technology disproportionately benefited those who had legal representation, sometimes making the legal system more difficult to navigate for those who did not.
These are among
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The newest Law Street Insights article explores litigation involving seven top fashion brands, including Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Find out what kinds of federal litigation these companies have faced in recent years, and how they use the courts to fight counterfeiting.
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The comment below, based on spoken remarks, was submitted by IAALS to the Oregon State Bar Board of Governors on November 30, 2021, in support of the Proposed Oregon Legal Paraprofessional Licensing Program.Hello, my name is Natalie Knowlton. I am the Director of Special Projects at IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University
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You’re gonna have to serve somebody.
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody
Bob Dylan: Gotta Serve Somebody
State Bar Associations need to decide who they serve and then develop regulations that actually serve that group. Too frequently, Bar Association try to serve their lawyer members and
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We have been open for a month. For those of you whose law libraries have reopened – sometimes multiple times – our experience is probably not much different from yours. As I had expected, it has highlighted some new challenges. But it has also enabled a re-connection to our patrons which has been gratifying.


Our organization – of which
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Sixty percent of general counsel are concerned that their risk landscape is expanding or becoming more difficult to navigate in areas spanning compliance, regulatory enforcement, data privacy, information security, emerging data sources and ongoing impacts of the pandemic.
This is among the findings of a survey of 30 general counsel presented in a report released today. Today’s report is the
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From : Blog Entry>>Sarah’s Blog EntryUsers need to manage content effectively from within the app to enable high-performing teams Has Microsoft Teams become your central hub for communicating, collaborating, and creating content? You’re in good company. The “always-open app” now has over 250 mm daily active users , and organizations are increasingly relying on Teams for enabling
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For all the money being poured into legal technology development these days, woefully little gets spent on technology designed to enhance access to justice for low-income Americans. That makes the Technology Initiative Grants awarded annually by the Legal Services Corporation all the more significant, as they are among the few funding sources specifically targeting such technology.
The TIG grants, given
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From : Blog Entry>>Marcelo’s Blog EntryFor a business to be successful in terms of time management, it needs to know how to prioritize daily tasks and how to organize its teams, optimizing its resources, without compromising both the quality of services and the relationship with all its customers. But how can we prioritize activities when everything we
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Two massive barriers to good value storytelling (series recap) are:

  • It requires hard work, taking time we don’t have
  • Even if we have the time and do the work, our current chapter might prove unflattering
  • Herein, I focus on #2. Ego is often the enemy and, thus, we must frequently first edit the stories we tell ourselves.
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    With Thanksgiving falling on a Thursday this year… wait, I’m being told that it does that every year… we decided to release a panel discussion that Greg moderated with the General Counsel from McDonald’s, Fannie Mae, Western Union, and Tyson Foods. The discussion ranges from where these GCs are expanding their search for talent, to truly increasing diversity both in
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