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A panel of industry experts at the “The Transformative Role of eDiscovery Professionals in AI Ethics & the Judiciary” session at the Master’s Conference in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday discussed how e-discovery professionals’ existing skills could apply to the work surrounding generative AI.
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This year marks the 10th anniversary of Logikcull, the company that CEO Andy Wilson and CTO Sheng Yang founded with the goal of automating and democratizing e-discovery. But the company actually evolved out of an earlier company the pair founded in 2004, Logik Systems, to digitize archaic paper-based discovery workflows where lawyers would print emails to paper to review
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The CLOC Global Institute, the conference of legal operations professionals now underway now in Las Vegas, has become a leading venue for legal technology companies to announce product news — particularly when that news relates to products that serve corporate legal departments and legal ops. This year has brought a slew of announcements of new products, enhanced products, and
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I recently had a chance to catch up with Matt Hamilton, Senior Director of Sales Engineering, and some others at Casepoint. Casepoint is an e-discovery cloud based provider that claims to offer data-based intelligence and full-spectrum eDiscovery. It includes cloud collection, data processing, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence tools. The platform enables review and customizable productions.

I have
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From : Blog Entry >> Brian’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog posted on behalf of the author, Ravi Sharma, Consultant, Sky Discovery. The eDiscovery industry is a fast-paced, dynamic area of legal technology. As a result, there are often a lot of concepts to navigate in a short space of time, particularly if you are from a non-legal background.
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From : Blog Entry >> Brian’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog posted on behalf of the author, Doug Austin, Editor of eDiscovery Today. Providing legal services in an era involving the cloud, social media, remote work and collaboration and artificial intelligence is more challenging than ever. Most of the evidence we work with today is generated electronically using technology,
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Lawyers tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the mastery of language, while notoriously slow in adopting new technologies that can significantly enhance the process of language analysis during eDiscovery. With advancing AI and machine learning tools, linguists can help fill that gap.
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