From : Blog Entry>>Cecilia’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Cecilia Celeste Danesi , AI and Law researcher and professor (IG @ceciliadanesi, LK Cecilia Celeste Danesi, ).  Nowadays we can find artificial intelligence everywhere: to fight against the Covid-19, to predict our music preferences, to grant a loan or a university vacancy…just to name a few. But why is AI everywhere to be found? And, yet most importantly, does AI have any risk? Can it affect our rights? Let’s see. AI pertains [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryDoes your organization securely share files? In today’s digitized and connected workplace, sharing documents is an easy task, but securely sharing a file is a different matter. The dynamic, fast-paced business environments can put large workloads and pressure employees to meet their deadlines and unrealistic expectations. This excessive pressure may lead to skipping necessary security checks meant to protect their organizations against data breaches. For most industries, especially in the legal [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Karen’s Blog EntryUnstructured data is but one consequence of many firms’ relatively late adoption of Information Governance policies and concepts. Many of us struggle to absolve ourselves of the ‘sins of the past’ and establish control of the content of legacy shared network drives or file sharing services that were put in place without policy to govern how and how long data is stored. In this upcoming short story series, a couple authors will examine ideas about how to start to establish structure, gain buy in, [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Rachita’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Rachita Maker, Head of Legal Operations and Compliance, Tata Communications . The CLOC 2020 Survey found that 67% of the companies surveyed state that the Legal Operations team is perceived as a strategic partner within the Legal Department.  However, not many Legal Operations leaders set clear strategy for their own department.  Not having a clearly articulated plan can lead you to be reactive and focus on tactical aspects, whereas a truly progressive [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryA featured blog post for the ILTA Unlocked Campaign highlighting volunteer opportunities. Writing thought leadership blogs and articles are not just for professional bloggers, writers, speakers, and journalists –  they  can be  for anyone as   an important part of educational writing, promotion ,  and much more. Inspirational and aspirational articles  submitted to the  ILTA  B logs  can serve as  an  effective  source  to inspire and persuade  ILTA  community members to adopt [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog Entry(Chicago, IL) February 24, 2021 – The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) is pleased to announce the annual conference, ILTACON, is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from August 22 to August 26, 2021, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This year’s ILTACON conference will be a hybrid event .   Combining both live, in-person programming and an in-person exhibit hall with live-streamed educational content and sessions, this ILTACON will be the most inclusive ILTA [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Mary’s Blog EntryYears ago, when I made a jump from legal secretary to law firm IT department personnel, I found a new world in ILTA and embraced the thrill of sharing technology ideas in a global community.  At  first,  I lurked behind the scenes quietly reading helpful nuggets, which I appl ied  to my work as an applications analyst. As I learned ,  I gradually gained  the  confidence to  post questions and  respond   to certain threads.    As a multi-career woman and having moved from the arts [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Brynmor’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Bryn Bowen, Principal, Greenheart Consulting Partners. Of all of the collaboration tools being used in the law firm world, Microsoft Teams is the most popular because it’s already available to end users as part of many firms’ Office 365 suite, and because it offers legal practitioners (and other knowledge workers) an intuitive user interface.  By virtue of its range of capabilities (file sharing, co-authoring, messaging, video and audio calling), and the [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Sonam’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Sonam Sharma, Senior Manager, X1. The age-old adage of change being the only constant has never been truer than in today’s times. With pandemic induced disruptions fast-tracking an already burgeoning impact of technology in day-to-day proceedings of your business and having a likewise impact in the lives of our clients, the ability to manage and react to this change must make all the difference between the longevity of your business and ensuring that [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Leigh’s Blog EntryIt’s no secret that the world of information and data management has been evolving in an ever accelerating pace – companies are realizing that information is an asset that should be managed, secured and leveraged as such.  At the same time, client demands and our legal, regulatory and ethical obligations continue to expand and grow in complexity.  As greater emphasis is placed on this proper management, the old, traditional Records support models are no longer effective and must be transitioned to [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Jennifer’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post by Jennifer Betts, Co-Office Managing Shareholder, Ogletree Deakins. Communication and collaboration are at the core of the effective practice of law. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic and enter our newest new normal, law firm leadership must assess how to continue to encourage collaboration, communication, and teamwork across offices. This is particularly true as most predict that the legal workforce will continue to operate in a hybrid fashion – with some team [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryRemote working- a flexible way to operate In response to the novel coronavirus, worldwide organizations across verticals are trying to find solutions to keep their business running. To reduce the impact of COVID-19,  organizations have considered  remote working  as  one of the best ways to run their business virtually.    Several organizations are increasingly leveraging flexible work options to meet the modern workforce ’s demand  and entice the top talent.    Around 74% [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Michael’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this co-authored blog post from Mike Ertel, KM Attorney, Paul Hastings, LLP and Christiane Matuch, Innovation Project Manager, Greenberg Traurig.  Silos are bad. “Silos, for lack of a better word, are bad.”  That’s what Gordon Gekko would say if he were writing this article. Organizational silos refer to the disconnect of employees or entire departments within an organization that fail to share information or knowledge—this may be intentional or not.  In law firms, silos [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Patricia’s Blog EntryIntroduction to Part Two of a Two-Part Blog Series: Those entering the marketing profession were taught that developing their talents in creative writing and data analysis would set them on a successful career path. But the savvy among us know that adapting to constantly growing and evolving technology is critical in today’s world. Seasoned marketers are expected to seek new technologies, know how to use complex tools, and understand complicated concepts. Marketers today must engage in and demonstrate [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Amy’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post tip from Amy Bowser-Rollins, Instructor, Litigation Support Guru. In litigation support, we try to leverage Excel’s functionality for numerous tasks. In eDiscovery matters, we collect electronic data from multiple custodians. We usually create a folder for each custodian name to store their incoming data. Additionally, we create folders for deponent names or trial witnesses. Often these lists of names already exist in an Excel file or a Word document. What if you [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Nikki’s Blog EntryLet’s face it: Training and onboarding can be tricky. Throw in a pandemic, and it can be even more difficult! Having a good plan in place can lead to a successful experience for both training professionals and learners. What Is Just-in-time Training? Just-in-time training, also often referred to as performance support is an approach to learning that focuses on delivering training and support to employees at the moment they need it — during their natural workflow, rather than through scheduled [More]