From : Blog Entry>>Michael’s Blog EntryIn the New Normal a law firm needs a digital mailroom, not an ad hoc scan-to-email workaround.  A digital mailroom built for a law firm needs to be integrated with the firm’s document management system (DMS) so that postal mail can be digitized and seamlessly delivered within the safe confines of the DMS. When the pandemic sent the workforce to home offices, most law firms quickly starting scanning to email to get the mail out. Facilities management or available clerical staff went into the office [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Roe’s Blog EntryEveryone’s talking about the philosophy of getting back to the workplace – but for FMs and office managers at law firms and corporations, the hottest topics are all practical ones. They’re asking questions including: How do we manage the number of people coming into the office? How do we manage density of people in the space? How do we manage meetings efficiently now they are a mixture of live and virtual? How do we get visitors and contractors in and out securely? What about [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Scott’s Blog EntryWe are thrilled to be sponsors of the ILTA>ON virtual conference. CoreTech has been dedicated and loyal sponsors of ILTA and its event for over 25 years. We also support sponsorship of key educational events and business partnerships of major service providers in the legal space, from Thomson Reuters Elite to Aderant, Dell, Cisco, Chrome River, ALA, and more. This year, recognizing the impact of the current crisis on restauranteur, we are pleased to announce a donation drive in support of the [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Heather’s Blog EntryFriday morning I had the great pleasure of joining Joy Heath Rush and Shy Alter to discuss how one could get the most out of Virtual Conferences .  We had a lively discussion around the following questions:  How can we make the most of a virtual experience? How is networking virtually different from networking in-person? What are some tips and tricks for networking virtually? Below recaps some of the notes from the chat and some thoughts I had shared with Joy when I volunteered to be a “non-expert” [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ceyda’s Blog EntryBy Ceyda Tocsoy & Gordon Moffat –  Lawyers have a perfectly reasonable expectation of being able to find the date and time on which an email was sent or on which a document was modified or created. This should be effortless and quick. And yet, in e-discovery, this determination can be anything but straightforward from a technical and workflow perspective.  The consequences of out-of-control time zone information can include improper display of time stamps on emails and documents when viewed or printed, [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryFor Immediate Release: (Chicago, IL):  August 12, 2020: The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) announces the ILTA>ON 2020 Scholarship Recipients.      ILTA recognizes the nine individuals, below, who earned the 2020 ILTA>ON Scholarships. These individuals have made noticeable strides in their careers, organizations, and within the legal technology community.    The 2020 Scholarship Recipients:   Ann Halkett , Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP – Cheryl Disch [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Nicola’s Blog EntryTurning ILTACON into ILTA>ON was always going to bring with it a raft of changes, some of them unwelcome (we all wish we weren’t missing out on the regular in-person networking and events, and I sure wish I was about to experience Nashville’s music scene for the first time) and some of them unexpectedly positive. Let’s face it, attending ILTACON during a regular year is expensive. Even large firms can only justify sending one or two people per department, which means that many are unable to experience [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Mary’s Blog EntryRemote working has been on the rise for some time, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. A recent poll of legal administrators found that 91% believe these changes in working practices will become permanent. Large national and international law firms like Husch Blackwell and Dentons have recently announced office closures, with staff working from home permanently. Great communication has always been at the heart of successful firms, and in the new normal, having the right technology [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Nitza’s Blog EntryCovid restrictions have forced many firms to pivot from in person to remote work. In the first phase, many firms were focused on the technical tools of making the remote work transition a reality. But now, as most of the critical needs and IT infrastructure is in place, the next question is: How do we transition to managing remote teams?                My name is Nitza Medina-Garcia, CRM and I have worked as a remote worker and have managed remote teams at my company InfoCompass for over 13 years. [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Kelley’s Blog Entryi.WILL & WWL Presents Your Personal Brand with the Inspiring Donna Payne About this Event Defining Your Personal Brand Time to focus on you! Join i.WILL and ILTA’s Women Who Lead to learn from the amazing Donna Payne on Building Your Brand. Our inspiring speakers: Donna , Author, International Speaker and former CEO, PayneGroup, will share with us proven strategies and tips on building your brand that will help elevate your confidence and be your [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Rachel’s Blog EntryILTA recently hosted a session on “Change Management Tools for Success” with Brianna Leung, Director of Strategy and Marketing, Much Law and Katie Davis, Senior Staff Training and Development Specialist, Perkins Coie, LLP and moderated by Rachel Shields Williams, Senior Manager, Experience Management, Sidley Austin LLP. Although the program was not recorded, summarized below are some of the key tools for success that the speakers shared. Hardest part(s) about influencing change? Influencing [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Samantha’s Blog EntryIf you’ve ever attended an ILTA virtual event before, whether it was a webinar, roundtable, or product briefing , you know that they regularly deliver insightful, engaging, and actionable content. With this year’s virtual conference, ILTA>ON (August 24-28), you can expect the same high-quality content, but with even more dynamic, engaging content. Whether you are following a track, or interested in a variety of topics, there are sessions tailor-made for you. Here is just a sampling of some of the [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryFor Immediate Release: (Chicago, IL):  August 4, 2020: The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) announces the finalists for the 2020 Distinguished Peer Awards program. ILTA’s Distinguished Peer Awards program recognizes ILTA peers who have delivered great business value and transformational impact through their innovations and implementations or have been champions in specific areas of focus for their organizations. Winners will be announced throughout ILTA>ON (August 24 – [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Bárbara’s Blog EntryHave you ever attended an educational session or shared insights with someone at ILTACON and thought how amazing it would be if other people at your firm could listen to it too? Maybe one of those lawyers that are particularly resistant to change or to adopt new technology… Well, with less than a month until ILTA>ON takes place, some people are still not aware of the possibilities of making this “dream” come true. The ILTACON experience. It was only a year ago that I traveled all the way from [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryOver the last several months, dedicated ILTA volunteer Nicola Shaver has, as part of her CCT role, been working on an ILTA series of podcasts, “Global Legal Innovators”.   This podcast series features speakers located across the globe… who are doing things differently. These guests offer unique perspectives on what the state of legal innovation looks like in different countries, towns, and cities. This all-new series, which has just wrapped Season 1, which contains 5 full-length episodes, can [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Lauren’s Blog EntryRecent events have witnessed the remarkable ability of UK businesses to adapt to a crisis. Within days of lockdown, millions of staff were able to connect and work from home over their existing home broadband connections. This substantial rise in traffic has exposed the limitations of using domestic broadband for business communication. With 5.1 million people working from home plus 9.1 million on furlough , and numerous others home from school/university, the home network was simply not designed [More]