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From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryEach week of March, ILTA will highlight a 2021 Influential Women  in  Legal Tech List Honoree in celebration of the U.S. National Women’s History Month. Each Honoree has answered five questions and shared advice to get to know more about their accomplishments and initiatives. Make sure to follow ILTA on  Instagram  and/or  Twitter  to hear their advice.     Andrea Markstrom   is the Chief I nformation Officer  at  Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP and Founder [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Gretel’s Blog EntryIt has been well over a year since the start of the COVID19 pandemic and we are all keenly aware of the profound changes it has had on our personal and professional lives.  Most of these changes have had many negative impacts, but the pandemic has also been a catalyst for positive change.  One of the encouraging changes we have seen is the Ontario court’s transition to a virtual and paperless courtroom through the implementation of technology and Thomson Reuters’ CaseLines. What Is It? CaseLines [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryEach week of March ,   ILTA  will highlight a 2021 Influential Women In Legal Tech  List  Honoree in celebration of the U.S. National Women’s History Month.   Each Honoree has answered five questions and shared advice in order to get to know more about their accomplishments and initiatives.  Make sure to follow ILTA on Instagram and/or Twitter to hear their advice.   Rosemary is a lawyer working as a Public Policy Manager at Safaricom PLC, East Africa’s leading telecommunications [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Kathleen’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Kathleen Jimenez, Information Governance Manager, White & Case LLP. Please Note: This blog is part of the Taming Unstructured Data series which includes the introduction and additional blog which you will find below in the related content.  Who keeps moving the copy center folder?  That was the question which transformed the way our Information Governance team supports and is cleaning up our Shared Drives spread throughout our firm. Anyone who [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryFirm intelligence is the next data revolution, and organizations today to be successful must gain value from the information it has access. Businesses to achieve productivity, as well as performance enhancements, must have an intention of transformation, as developing an intelligent organization is not possible without a digital transformation plan. Firm intelligence is workforce or organization focused and enables effective collaborative communications between internal as well as external users. [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Stephanie’s Blog EntryBeing in eDiscovery, many times I find myself having to perform the same task on hundreds or thousands of PDFs – for example, removing hidden information and comments.  Thankfully, Adobe has a feature called “Actions” that allows you to apply one or more routine sets of commands to PDFs.  Instead of opening every document you need to modify and then repeating the same task, you can perform the same command on several documents at once by using the “Action Wizard”.  You can choose from preset actions [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog Entry(Chicago, IL) March 2, 2021  – The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) is pleased to announce its 2021 Influential Women in Legal Tech List.  This annual list recognizes five outstanding women-leaders in the legal technology community, based on their mentorship history and overarching level of impact on Legal Technology. With the judging and intensive review process recently finalized, ILTA received 91 total nominations. Of worthwhile note, from the almost 100 nominations, the [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Mercedes’s Blog EntryDocument automation is one of those legal tech perennials. Software that enhances the drafting of documents has been around for almost forty years – longer, indeed, than the careers of most of today’s legal technology professionals.  Despite its longevity, however, it remains only partially exploited by law firms. A segment that was once dominated by a single product, HotDocs, has recently become much more diverse and has seen a wave of development, investment and innovation.  It is back on the radar.  [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Steve’s Blog EntryShort Messages (SMS) are one of three classes of text messages found on mobile devices and messaging platforms and have been in existence since 1992. The other two categories of “text messages” are MMS (which include multimedia attachments) and chats. SMS pose unique challenges within eDiscovery as they exist within structured databases versus living as loose files on standard operating system platforms. This means that they have to be extracted from their place of residency and normalized for [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Tamara’s Blog EntryLike many law firms, we had various network shares where users could place data. They had been around for a very long time, with no real oversight. Problems began cropping up with available space and many of these locations were not expandable. As these locations filled, IT started asking who could make decisions about what could be deleted, and it landed with the Information Governance team. As we began to look at some of these locations, we realized that this was no small project. We wrote a [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Cecilia’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Cecilia Celeste Danesi , AI and Law researcher and professor (IG @ceciliadanesi, LK Cecilia Celeste Danesi, ).  Nowadays we can find artificial intelligence everywhere: to fight against the Covid-19, to predict our music preferences, to grant a loan or a university vacancy…just to name a few. But why is AI everywhere to be found? And, yet most importantly, does AI have any risk? Can it affect our rights? Let’s see. AI pertains [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryDoes your organization securely share files? In today’s digitized and connected workplace, sharing documents is an easy task, but securely sharing a file is a different matter. The dynamic, fast-paced business environments can put large workloads and pressure employees to meet their deadlines and unrealistic expectations. This excessive pressure may lead to skipping necessary security checks meant to protect their organizations against data breaches. For most industries, especially in the legal [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Karen’s Blog EntryUnstructured data is but one consequence of many firms’ relatively late adoption of Information Governance policies and concepts. Many of us struggle to absolve ourselves of the ‘sins of the past’ and establish control of the content of legacy shared network drives or file sharing services that were put in place without policy to govern how and how long data is stored. In this upcoming short story series, a couple authors will examine ideas about how to start to establish structure, gain buy in, [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Rachita’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Rachita Maker, Head of Legal Operations and Compliance, Tata Communications . The CLOC 2020 Survey found that 67% of the companies surveyed state that the Legal Operations team is perceived as a strategic partner within the Legal Department.  However, not many Legal Operations leaders set clear strategy for their own department.  Not having a clearly articulated plan can lead you to be reactive and focus on tactical aspects, whereas a truly progressive [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryA featured blog post for the ILTA Unlocked Campaign highlighting volunteer opportunities. Writing thought leadership blogs and articles are not just for professional bloggers, writers, speakers, and journalists –  they  can be  for anyone as   an important part of educational writing, promotion ,  and much more. Inspirational and aspirational articles  submitted to the  ILTA  B logs  can serve as  an  effective  source  to inspire and persuade  ILTA  community members to adopt [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog Entry(Chicago, IL) February 24, 2021 – The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) is pleased to announce the annual conference, ILTACON, is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from August 22 to August 26, 2021, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This year’s ILTACON conference will be a hybrid event .   Combining both live, in-person programming and an in-person exhibit hall with live-streamed educational content and sessions, this ILTACON will be the most inclusive ILTA [More]