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From : Blog Entry >> ILTA’s Blog Entry(Chicago, IL) February 26, 2024 — ILTA is pleased to announce Joe Sullivan and Lily Yeoh will be the main stage Keynotes for ILTA EVOLVE 2024 . Joe Sullivan, former CSO at Facebook, Uber, and Cloudflare, brings unmatched cybersecurity expertise. Appointed by President Obama as a Commissioner for Enhancing National Cybersecurity, his
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From : Blog Entry >> Marcos’s Blog EntryLocal bar associations stand as foundational pillars within the legal community, offering attorneys a myriad of opportunities for growth, connection, and contribution. These associations, often operating at the grassroots level, serve as more than just professional clubs; they are conduits for enriching careers, fostering relationships, and cultivating a sense of purpose beyond
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From : Blog Entry >> Marcos’s Blog EntryEfficient case file organization is the bedrock of success in the legal profession. From the initial intake to the final resolution, a well-structured case file streamlines workflows and ensures accuracy, accessibility, and efficacy throughout the legal process. Attorneys daily navigate a sea of documents, facts, claims, and details. A disorganized case file
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From : Blog Entry >> Paul’s Blog EntryA Glimpse into the Future Using Google NotebookLM Introduction In an era where technology continually reshapes professional landscapes, the legal sector stands on the brink of a transformative breakthrough. Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in the form of tools like Google NotebookLM, presents an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine how attorneys work. This article
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From : Blog Entry >> Paul’s Blog EntryAI LLM vs Jazz LMM Large ‘Language’ Models vs Large ‘Musical’ Models Imagine a dimly lit jazz club, where a saxophonist weaves a tapestry of melodies, each note a spontaneous yet coherent part of a larger musical story. Now, juxtapose this with the intricate workings of an artificial intelligence (AI) model, churning
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From : Blog Entry >> Maureen’s Blog EntryTen years ago, Aileen Lee, the founder of seed stage VC firm, Cowboy Ventures, studied the characteristics of VC-backed companies. In the 2013 report, “ Welcome to the Unicorn Club ,” Lee coined term “Unicorn” to describe those privately held startups with a $1 Billion or greater valuation. Unicorns were off to
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From : Blog Entry >> Paul’s Blog EntryAI – ChatGPT vs Open Source Artificial Intelligence This article provides an example of how working with Un censored and Unrestricted LLMs can be preferable for law firms in certain use case scenarios , highlighting the benefits of using uncensored, unaligned Large Language Models (LLMs) installed on a local machine for legal
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From : Blog Entry >> ILTA’s Blog Entry(Chicago, IL) January 26, 2024 – The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) proudly announces the launch of a new 2-day conference, ILTA EVOLVE , April 29 – May 1, 2024. ILTA EVOLVE is ILTA’s newest high-profile conference that will dive deep into the industry’s latest challenges and trends. Two focus areas will
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From : Blog Entry >> Glenn’s Blog EntryInformation Governance (IG) is a firm-wide approach to the management and protection of all data related to a firm and its clients, ensuring the information assets are handled securely and in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. This includes the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the creation, storage, use,
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From : Blog Entry >> Christiane’s Blog EntryThe legal technology landscape is vast and offers time, risk and cost saving solutions for a growing range of legal service categories. Clients know what is available on the market and understand how the use of solutions can benefit them in terms of efficiency and therefore value. While the demand for visibility
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From : Blog Entry >> Maureen’s Blog EntryThe catchy take-away from the Thomson Reuters “ 2024 Report on the State of the US Legal Market ” is that law firm leaders who don’t respond to the shifts in the legal market in the past 15 years may share a destiny with Pan Am. The US airline, Pan Am, was
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From : Blog Entry >> ILTA’s Blog Entry(Chicago, IL) January 10, 2024 — The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Announces the Women Who Lead (WWL) event – Catalyst: Women Leading Change ILTA is pleased to announce the in-person event – Catalyst: Women Leading Change , on March 21, 2024, at Vinson & Elkins for the New York City main
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From : Blog Entry >> Jim’s Blog EntryHas anyone found a simple way to block a Sender via Outlook without having the message hit the Junk Email folder first? We recently migrated away from our third-party secure mail gateway vendor, Mimecast, which allowed users to easily block Senders. We are now using Exchange Online with Microsoft Outlook. Using Rules
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From : Blog Entry >> Daniel’s Blog EntryMicrosoft Intune is a cloud-based, agentless, infrastructure-less, VPN-less endpoint management solution (MDM) designed to manage workstations, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices with similar operating systems and configurations with the settings available via Microsoft’s API. This post lays out some strategic thinking around how to provide good, scalable, and repeatable application deployment work
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