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From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryFor Immediate Release: (Chicago, IL):  July 1, 2020: The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) announces its Industry Participant program. Effective July 1, 2020, ILTA is pleased   to offer legal technologists a new way to interact with ILTA: Industry Participant Status. Industry Participants will have access to ILTA webinar and podcast recordings, live virtual events, Peer to Peer quarterly magazine, newsletters, White Papers, ILTA Surveys, member discounts, career center resources, [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Daniel’s Blog Entry“The bane of our existence.” That is how one law firm general counsel described outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) at last year’s Law Firm General Counsel Forum at the Aon Law Firm Symposium. Bane or boon, if you work in a law firm environment, OCGs are a daily fact of life. Clients use OCGs use to communicate expectations regarding the handling of their matters. Ensuring that OCGs make it to the right people is critical. Accuracy in timekeeping along with a proper understanding of correct phase/task/activity [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Martha’s Blog EntryThere is no shortage of information on mindfulness available today. A simple Google search on mindfulness renders “About 206,000,000” results. The sheer magnitude of resources can be overwhelming. Where do I start? I already feel overwhelmed! This blog post attempts to solve the challenge of getting started with a mindfulness practice by providing a much shorter list of resources than our friend Google supplies. Its goal is to help you get started and/or advance your mindfulness practice. The [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Andrés’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this co-authored blog written by Jake Hills, Vice President, Legal Operations, Elevate Services and Andrés Jara Baader, CEO, Alster. 1. What is Legal Operations all about?  As the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium defines it, legal operations is a fast-moving, evolving, and varied discipline “Legal Operations” describes a set of business processes, activities, and the professionals that enable legal departments to serve their clients more effectively by applying business [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Alisher’s Blog EntryLately, I found myself working at the busy intersection of established legal IT department and recently created KM Innovation group in the law firm I am in. Both departments have their similarities and differences: IT is the powerhouse of technical expertise while Innovation looks better positioned to be closer to business for their legal acumen. At the same time, I witnessed both groups worked “Together, As One” on a number of technology initiatives while sharing scarce project resources and budgets.  [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Sara’s Blog Entry​We are curious to know how you handle the dilemma of conforming to internal compliance relating to matter name standards yet meeting clients’ needs and wants? We find at times that we have a hard time reconciling the two and find ourselves having to make exceptions to our policies, which is not advisable. For example, a client insists (according to the submitting attorney) that their new matter must be named “Contract Review.” This goes against our no-general-matter policy and we would request that [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Patrice’s Blog EntryLife is full of ups and downs, especially now.  As we continue returning to work, we are changing directions again – up for some, down for others.  Numerous articles discuss what it may be like when we return.  The communal coffee pot and water fountain will probably be closed along with communal gathering spaces.  Hand sanitizer dispensers will dot the landscape.  Proper hand-washing will continue while access to bathroom facilities will be limited with social distancing requirements.  People will [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Dean’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post by Dean Sonderegger, SVP & General Manager of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory. In looking at the impact of the pandemic on each of our lives, the general sense that I get is that we are seeing an acceleration of trends that have already been in place. A quick look at the packages waiting on doorsteps in any neighborhood illustrates this point: there was already a trend towards online ordering and delivery – COVID-19 has just accelerated that trend. When looking [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Holly’s Blog EntryThe lack of ability to engage socially with coworkers that you might not interact with face-to-face has not traditionally been seen as a problem to be solved for many law firms and law departments. While firms may have deployed applications like Yammer or Jabber, the purpose behind such tools isn’t primarily seen as facilitating social interaction between employees; rather, social interaction happens as a byproduct of using the tool for work. Think of distribution lists created for employees to share [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryILTA is pleased to announce the creation of an all-new security series:  It takes a Village . Please find below five individual posts aimed at improving security for the entire industry. Thanks to the LegalSEC Steering Committee for your efforts in this series, and a special call out to Jeff Franchetti for driving the series:  It takes a Villa ge. With the ever increasing interoperability of today’s technology, it is more important than ever to standardize architecture designs on [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Deborah’s Blog EntryUntil COVID-19, U.S. law firms and corporate legal departments rarely permitted associates and employees to work from home, even on an occasional basis.  Almost overnight, many people found that they could communicate, collaborate and work productively and effectively from their homes.  Some like it, some do not, but most manage to put in a solid day’s work, even if they have had to acquire new technology skills, juggle family obligations, and put up with makeshift workstations.  As the nation [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Oscar’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog authored by Oscar Montezuma, Director at Niubox. According to Clio’s COVID-19 Impact Research 2020, new legal matters dropped by almost 40% upon the COVID-19 crisis. MyCase survey records that 48% of law offices in the US are operating remotely. These two reports provide us with powerful insights on the global impact this crisis is having in terms of revenue in the legal practice, technology adoption and flexible work policies. However the biggest challenge is how to change [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Sean’s Blog EntryCreating Exceptional Learning Experiences: Onboarding Remote Employees in a Virtual World! Event Summary If there is a silver lining to the #COVID-19 pandemic, it is that the world now knows most people can be highly productive from any location. So, when it’s time to roll out the red carpet, how do we create an exceptional experience to welcome our newest remote team members? It’s all about creative operations! We’ve had to get creative and transform procedures for on-boarding new employees, [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryFor Immediate Release: (Chicago, IL):  June 8, 2020: The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) announces that the in-person ILTACON 2020 meeting will become a fully-virtual conference: ILTA>ON . Taking place from 24 to 28 August 2020,   ILTA>ON will offer a five-day, comprehensive program, teamed with industry-leading educational content, and face-to-face virtual networking. Industry experts and the legal community collaborate to discover and evolve successful legal operation strategies [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryFor Immediate Release: (Chicago, IL):  June 3, 2020: The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) issues a statement on Diversity and Inclusion: “We are living in a world of fear and anger right now. ILTA intends to be part of the solution. ILTA fully supports our members, partners, and colleagues who unite firmly and non-violently against hatred and intolerance.  Our core values proudly affirm our commitment to mutual respect and diversity and inclusion ; our behavior demonstrates [More]