From : Blog Entry>>Steve’s Blog EntryQuality Control and Shredding Documents The payback for scanning paper documents is never fully released until shredding occurs. Continuing to distribute, store and manage paper physically after it is made digital is inefficient, posing a risk to your clients and ultimately the firm. Unfortunately, the decision to shred is a big one for a firm and so is often delayed indefinitely seeking that “perfect” time or set of circumstances to make such a move. A carefully defined, quality control [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Victor’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored in both English and Portuguese from Victor Cabral Fonseca, Innovation Specialist, TozziniFreire Advogados. In his book “Tomorrow’s Lawyers”, Prof. Richard Susskind introduces us to what he calls the “more-for-less challenge”. According to the book, which analyzes current transformations in law and its effects on the future, there is a growing pressure in legal departments and law firms for stricter cost controls and greater efficiency in carrying out legal [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Victor’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored in Portuguese and English from Victor Cabral Fonseca, Innovation Specialist, TozziniFreire Advogados. Em seu livro Tomorrow’s Lawyers , o Prof. Richard Susskind nos apresenta o que chama de “desafio mais-por-menos”. De acordo com a obra, que analisa as atuais transformações no Direito e seus reflexos no futuro, há nos departamentos jurídicos e nos escritórios de advocacia uma crescente pressão por controles de custos mais rígidos e maior eficiência na execução [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Tanya’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post from  Tanya Houseman , Senior Data Analytics & Reporting Specialist,  Fenwick & West . Analytics is measuring what matters: Did we make our goals? How can we do better? Where do we need to pivot? It sounds so simple and yet some people treat analytics as if they were getting their teeth pulled without anesthesia. There are many books written on data readiness and the various stages businesses can work through. This is a high-level overview is for those who are not [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryOn Tuesday, May 4, 2021, the ILTA Podcast series, “ Getting a Seat at the Table ”, was recognized by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts as a Communicator Award winner .  The podcast for ILTA’s Women Who Lead program, won during the 27th Annual Communicator Awards, under the category for Diversity and Inclusion, and recognized ILTA for a being an industry-leader in audio and podcast excellence. ILTA professional staffers Beth Anne Stuebe, Director of Publications and Press; Kendall [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Catherine’s Blog EntryUnderstanding what legaltech is out there and how it can help your practice. The velocity of innovation in the legal technology space is moving at a breakneck pace that is sometimes hard to keep up with. From AI-powered evidence retrieval to predictive outcome modeling and even smart billing, it seems like technology is bleeding into nearly every aspect of the practice of law — because it is! This new innovation that is reshaping the practice of law may at times seem like it is (as we say in Texas) [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Sarah’s Blog EntryAuthor: Andy Morris, Colligo Director of Research & Development As remote work continues, law firms are transitioning rapidly from legacy solutions to digital solutions. Attention is shifting from preserving business continuity to looking at how lawyers are accessing and protecting data while they try to stay productive at an unprecedented time. The hasty shift to work from home caught many legal teams unprepared for remote work, and many lawyers are now working from home without assistants just [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ann’s Blog EntryThere may be times when you need to adjust the time zone for a data set. For example, where you process the data in Coordinated Universal Time UTC (aka Greenwich Mean Time or GMT), but the action itself is in Pacific Standard Time (PST).  To do this, you can create a Time Zone Offset field (or several of these depending on the nature of your case) to display the date/time information for that particular time zone.  Note that you cannot change this information on the document itself, ONLY in a field. [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Mark’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this short blog story from Mark Anderson, Director of UK Operations, CDS. Collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams grew exponentially as businesses sought to support their newly remote workforces during the global pandemic. The resulting proliferation of short message data presents compliance, data security, and eDiscovery challenges for legal and IT teams. Here are five key considerations for handling this data: Export Format: Collecting data correctly is [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Rose’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Rose Singh, eDiscovery Project Manager, McCarthy Tetrault LLP. Virtual hearings are happening in courtrooms across the world as a result of the pandemic.  Virtual hearings have offered a number of benefits; however, some concerns still remain.  Benefit of Increased Collaboration Virtual hearings require professionalism, cooperation, communication and collaboration between parties, both before and during the hearing(s).  Effective collaboration [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Rachel’s Blog EntryMarketing technologists have always been persuading law firms to change, like moving from a Rolodex to a CRM, a printed brochure to a website, and the list goes on. In the last year, the message has not changed, but the audience has become more receptive to the message. So now that lawyers are listening and more motivated than ever before to participate in client-focused technology, what skills need to be honed to leverage this extraordinary level of attention and engagement from stakeholders? [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Brian’s Blog EntryAs many organizations move to MS Teams in a constantly evolving M365 ecosystem, there are many IG concerns that need to be considered. You need to make sure the guardrails are in place before, and after, opening the doors. This entry in our blog series, specifically explores MS Teams chat retention and archiving.  Some people may think of chat retention and destruction as “Mission: Impossible”.  Read on to find out if those people are right or just a bit off base. What is Chat in Microsoft Teams [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Corey’s Blog EntryAccording to a report released in 2020 by the Poneman Institute, “the number of insider-caused cybersecurity incidents increased by a whopping 47% since 2018” . Insiders are trusted individuals that work for an entity and as a result are privy to systems and information that is not available to the public. Proprietary information within a company or government agency often has great economic value, and if this key information is altered, destroyed, stolen, or exposed to unauthorized individuals it [More]
From : Blog Entry>>ILTA’s Blog EntryWe are unlocking the ways you can continue to develop your leadership skills through ILTA benefits, resources, and offerings. Below is a short Q&A with @Tony Capecci ,  Associate Director of Business & Core Applications at Kirkland & Ellis. Learn more about ILTA Benefits on our Unlocked webpage .  Where do you see ILTA providing Leadership in the Legal Tech Industry?   ILTA has always been a great resource for staying abreast of trends in legal software solutions, business processes, [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Bárbara’s Blog EntryWhen I first heard about ILTA, I thought that, as a Legal Technology Association, it would only showcase fancy technology or feature expensive products. How surprised I was to find out that ILTA had a lot of interesting content available, which ranged from leadership development and soft skills to core IT.  Before my firm became a member, back in 2019, I was a lawyer who wanted to transition to a different role and didn’t how to do it. I’ve read books, attended some conferences, but I still needed [More]
From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryDocument Management – Major Issue faced by law firms The legal industry is known for its document-intensive business processes and, combined with the low levels of digitalization, has resulted in law firms facing several challenges associated with document handling. Rising client expectations to quickly create, edit, and share legal documents have culminated in documents management to become one of the biggest challenges faced by legal organizations. “Documents either in digital or paper format [More]