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Concerns over possible AI-related data leaks raise the spectre of damaging public disclosure of valuable business secrets, while the mere disclosure of a business secret to a generative AI program may, absent proper protections, undermine or even cancel out efforts to safeguard that information legally as a trade secret.
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The “Security at Issue: State of Cybersecurity in Law Firms 2023” survey found that many law firms see themselves as more secure than average. “In practice, the data suggests overconfidence amongst the entire legal population,” when it comes to cybersecurity, said Conversant Group CEO John A. Smith.
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As a response to the legal industry’s worries about generative AI, vendors have emphasized the safety and security of their products. But some say vendors can fall short of meeting their security requirements, while others have made misleading announcements.
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Alongside its funding round and a “self-service” generative AI tool that automates drafting demand packages and summarizing medical records, EvenUp also announced an integration with practice management provider Litify.
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Data privacy regulations are set to go into effect in five different states this year, with at least 25 other states also considering comprehensive data privacy legislation in 2023. Fortunately, there are contract management strategies that can significantly lighten the burden of increasingly complex regulatory obligations.
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