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“I was already at my first firm when I started gaining a following, as opposed to just getting some followers or having something go viral,” said Reb Masel, an associate at a mid-size law firm and viral TikTok content creator. “As an associate seeing that happen, where is it in our legal handbook that says, ‘When you go viral this
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“I think we expected the large rubrics,” said Shannon Yavorsky, head of Orrick’s global cyber privacy and data innovation practice. “What I didn’t expect was the level of detail around some of the carve-outs and the broad, broad definitions that are drawn in.”
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Cubicall leveraged its hardware-software alliance with case-management solution Immediation to launch its correctional phone booth offering, meant to reduce transportation costs and increase access to justice for incarcerated individuals remote court needs.
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The Federal Trade Commission submitted a comment to the U.S. Copyright Office voicing its intention to investigate the copyright practices of AI developers who they believe are engaging in unfair competition—whether the companies infringed copyright or not.
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