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While the SEC has yet to weigh in on the question of whether NFTs are securities, its increased attention on fractionalized NFTs may signal a shift in how the agency intends to test whether digital assets are securities in the future.
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Stephanie Corey, CEO and Co-Founder of UpLevel Ops, discusses key questions for law firms to ask their clients to foster innovation, how sexism in the workplace forced women to stop being authentic, and why companies need to be deliberate in identifying and shaping their culture
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The DOJ’s investigation into the consolidated Ticketmaster-Live Nation may be motivated by non-traditional factors unrelated to price, like IT issues and data privacy, signaling a shift in how regulators view antitrust enforcement.
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The UK firm’s investment in the US-based AI privacy startup will help combat “the uncontrolled proliferation and exploitation of our private data online” and is a critical step toward achieving global online data privacy in today’s digital age.
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