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AffiniPay, the parent company of law practice management company MyCase, has sold off the legal accounting software Soluno to another law practice management company, Actionstep, in what the New Zealand-based Actionstep says is an important milestone for its expansion into the U.S. and Canadian markets.
MyCase acquired the cloud-based Soluno in 2021, saying at the time that
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Stories are increasingly common of lawyers who leave law practice to start legal technology companies, but few achieve the level of success as an entrepreneur of Matt Spiegel. He was a criminal defense lawyer in 2009 when he founded MyCase, one of the earliest cloud-based law practice management companies. In 2012, he sold MyCase to AppFolio, and
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Actionstep, a cloud-based law practice management platform, has acquired the Australian practice management company FilePro and its 4,000 law firm customers in Australia.
While both companies primarily serve mid-sized law firms, FilePro was developed as an on-premises product and has been exploring the development of a cloud product.
This deal will accelerate the availability of cloud technology to FilePro’s
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Google’s Local Services Ads can be both effective and economical for generating leads for certain types of law practices. Unlike pay-per-click ads, local services ads appear at the top of Google’s results for relevant searches, and you pay only if the potential client calls or messages you through the ad.
Now the law practice management company Clio has announced an
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As I previously posted, I spent last week at the ILTA conference in Orlando. Like just about every legal tech discussion and conference these days, talk about generative AI and its uses in the substantive end of law practice dominated. Lost in all this hype, though, a quiet revolution is going on with the use of AI and automation
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Do you really know how profitable your firm is and which timekeepers, clients and practice areas are driving that profitability?
Centerbase, a Dallas-based company providing cloud legal practice management software for mid-sized law firms, says its new profitability reporting capability, launching today, will enable firms to analyze their profitability more precisely than traditional reporting platforms. 
It does this by
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From : Blog Entry >> Marcos’s Blog EntrySource: Filevine – Unlocking Efficiency and Collaboration: AI in Action at Filevine How will new AI technologies shape the future of law? And how can legal professionals ensure they adhere to legal ethics while benefiting from new technologies? In part V of our new series, Filevine’s legal futurists Dr. Cain Elliott and
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