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The legal technology company Clio, which started 16 years ago as a law practice management platform tailored to solos and small firms, said this week that it will now heighten its focus and investment on technology for mid-sized law firms of more than 20 employees.
“In an era where technological advancement defines business success, mid-sized law firms face unique challenges
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Early Stephens, CEO of Actionstep, talks about the progress in Actionstep’s acquisition of Soluno and why that is important to mid-market law firm clients. We discuss how technology can enable […]
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AffiniPay, the parent company of a group of technology products for managing law practices and accepting online payments, including LawPay and MyCase, today announced the launch of AffiniPay IQ, its strategic initiative to embed generative artificial intelligence across all of its products and make AI a native component of legal professionals’ daily workflows.
AffiniPay is kicking off this
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The law practice management company LEAP Legal Software has hired Misti Holmes, a 20-year veteran of the legal technology, as its new chief operating officer in the United States.
Holmes will use her years of legal tech and related experience to help grow the company and assist new LEAP clients as they transition from legacy software to LEAP’s cloud-based
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Centerbase, a company that provides a cloud legal practice management platform for mid-sized law firms, today announced the beta launch of native document management, integrated directly within its platform. Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint as the underlying technology, it allows users to create, share, store and manage documents without leaving the platform. 
“Until now, best-in-class document management for law firms were
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In 2013, when Florida lawyer TJ Fraser set out to find a law practice management solution for his firm, he tested just about every product on the market, he says, but he could not find one that solved the problems he encountered in his day-to-day practice. So, rather than keep looking, he decided to build the solution himself. A year
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Dru Armstrong was named CEO of AffiniPay, the parent company of LawPay, in July 2021. Less than a year later, AffiniPay shook up the legal tech landscape by acquiring MyCase, one of the leading law practice management platforms, in a deal that also included four other practice management products: CASEPeer for personal injury firms, Docketwise for immigration
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I hate it when people talk about dysfunctional families. That suggests there are functional ones, but I sure haven’t seen one yet.

Smokeball, a cloud-based legal practice management software provider, today released its 2024 State of the Law Report. It reveals some pretty scary findings about smaller law firms and their lack of knowledge of fundamental business principles. The
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The law practice management company MyCase this week introduced a public API for easier integration with third-party software, as well as two new payments features that more tightly integrate LawPay within the MyCase platform.
By releasing a public API (application programming interface), MyCase is making it easier for customers to integrate the platform with other software applications and share data
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Seven times since 2016, Thomson Reuters has conducted a survey on the state of small law firms in the U.S., and every time, it found that small firms had made virtually no progress on one of their greatest challenges, which is that they spend too much time on administrative tasks to the exclusion of practicing law.
As Thomson Reuters itself
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On today’sLawNext, it’s a Clio double header, featuring two separate interviews with two of Clio’s top product-focused executives – one with Jonathan Watson, its chief technology officer, and the other with Hemant Kashyap, chief product officer  – both recorded live at the Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville in October. 
Even though I interviewed Watson and Kashyap separately, their
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Palo Alto-founded startup Traact today (8 November) officially launches a digitally native cloud platform that is billed as a modular, non-siloed solution for a vast range of operations including entity …
Traact launches multi-operations SaaS platform for corporate legal teams and law firms  Read More »
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