Choosing technology for your solo or small law firm can feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as it might seem, as long as you have a plan that helps you choose the technology your firm needs and sufficiently vet the products and providers.
So says Nicole Black, nationally recognized author, journalist and speaker on legal
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AffiniPay, the parent company of payments platform LawPay and practice management platform MyCase, today named Catherine Dawson, a lawyer with 20 years of experience in data privacy, cybersecurity and mergers and acquisitions, as its general counsel. The news comes a week after AffiniPay named another woman to its executive suite, marketing and software executive Ana Villegas as
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You can’t go home again, Thomas Wolfe famously wrote. But legal tech news announced today suggests otherwise.
In an integration between two law practice products, Lawmatics, the legal CRM product founded by Matt Spiegel in 2017, now integrates with MyCase, the law practice management platform that Spiegel originally founded in 2009 and left in 2015.
“Both Lawmatics and
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An integration announced today makes the court-calendaring software LawToolBox available within the MyCase law practice management platform, enabling lawyers who use MyCase to automatically calculate key court dates and deadlines and add them to their MyCase calendars.
The integration will enable MyCase users to automatically calculate deadlines and add them to their MyCase calendar. Users will be able to create
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It has been a notable year for the practice management company MyCase, one in which it made four notable acquisitions of other practice management products, and then itself was acquired by AffiniPay, the parent company of the electronic payments platform LawPay.
Today, we are seeing the fruits of two of those acquisitions, as MyCase rolls out legal
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Intaker, a marketing automation platform for law firms, now integrates with the practice management platform MyCase, so that every lead that comes in to a firm through an Intaker chat is automatically added to MyCase.
Intaker offers a unique chat application that begins and ends each chat session with a video greeting from a lawyer at the firm.
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The news last week that AffiniPay, parent company of LawPay, had acquired MyCase, has generated significant interest and raised a number of questions.
For anyone who wants to learn more about the deal — and have a chance to pose their questions directly to the companies’ CEOs — I will be moderating a webinar this Friday that
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With the acquisition last week by payments company AffiniPay, parent of LawPay, of practice management company MyCase, one intriguing aspect of the deal was that, until then, LawPay had been the legal tech equivalent of Switzerland, partnering with virtually every practice management platform, but always neutral as to which should win the competition for the market. But
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Today our Legaltech Week panel of journalists and bloggers will be joined by the CEOs of LawPay and MyCase to discuss the news this week that the former has acquired the latter and take our questions about the deal.
Our guests will be Dru Armstrong, CEO of AffiniPay, the parent company of LawPay, and Jim McGinnis, the
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Earlier today, I reported the breaking news that is likely to have a profound impact on the law practice management market: AffiniPay, the parent company of the electronic payments platform LawPay, has acquired the law practice management company MyCase, along with several other practice management products that MyCase acquired over the past year.  
Just ahead of today’s announcement, the
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In a deal that is sure to shake-up the already hyperactive market for law practice management software, AffiniPay, the parent company of the electronic payments platform LawPay, has acquired the law practice management company MyCase.
Not only are LawPay and MyCase among the most widely used products in their respective sectors of e-payments and practice management, but
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