Contract Lifecycle Management

US-headquartered eDiscovery vendor Epiq announced today (28 November) that it has acquired Mainspring, a digital transformation specialist firm for contract lifecycle management (CLM) and contracts migration needs. The acquisition of …
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As the legal industry expresses mixed feelings and concerns about the implementation capabilities of their contract lifecycle management solutions, Epiq is hoping to beef up its CLM consultancy offering with its latest acquisition, Mainspring.
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LegalOn, a company that was already one of Japan’s largest providers of AI contract review technology when it launched into the U.S. market last December, today is announcing its expansion into contract drafting with the release of LegalOn Templates, a collection of more than 100 market-standard templates created and kept current by attorneys experienced in the applicable area of
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The contract management company Ironclad today announced plans to launch a chat interface for complex contract analysis that it says will open a window into the black box of artificial intelligence by showing users the steps it took to come to a conclusion.
Ironclad also today introduced an open-source visual programming environment for building with generative AI and announced other
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Businesses spend significant time, money and effort negotiating that most-common of contracts – the non-disclosure agreement. With the goal of simplifying and standardizing those business dealings, the non-profit organization oneNDA developed an open-source NDA that, since its launch in 2021, has been adopted by more than 1,000 companies, including American Express, Google, Novartis and Panasonic.
Now, oneNDA is hoping to
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One of the challenges of using artificial intelligence software for contract review is training the AI to conform to a company’s unique preferences regarding clauses and key terms. A new product from the contract lifecycle management company Agiloft aims to help companies overcome that challenge by enabling non-technical legal and business professionals to train its AI to identify key terms
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Legal IT Insider speaks to Agiloft’s chief product officer Andy Wishart about the new release Contract lifecycle management vendor Agiloft today (15 August) announced the release of AI Trainer, which …
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