Early this week, Richard Tromans at Artificial Lawyer reported on a Survey done by the ContractWorks group of Onit. Onit is an enterprise workflow solutions provider. Onit acquired ContractWorks earlier this year.
ContractWorks surveyed some 350 general counsel, in-house lawyers, and other legal department members in the United States and the United Kingdom. The purpose of the Survey was
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The law practice management platform PracticePanther is today beginning a limited-time “SwitchScription” offer by which it will buy out law firms from up to seven months of their current practice management contracts if they switch to PracticePanther.
“At PracticePanther, we believe that every law firm should be able to choose the solution that best serves the current needs
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Organizations create and share enormous volumes of sensitive information, and with the rise of SaaS applications and collaboration tools, this information can exist in many places: emails, Slack messages, Jira tickets, Salesforce records, internal HR databases, Asana projects, and anywhere else work is getting done.
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Just as the legal industry had to scramble to figure out how to handle email and other electronic documents a couple decades ago, e-discovery practices must once again shift to account for the realities of business being conducted via chat and the massive amounts of new types of data that chat platforms generate.
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If ever there was a process ripe for disruption, notarization would seem to be it. A function that may date back to Ancient Egypt, it has changed little for centuries – still typically done in person, on hard-copy paper, using physical seals, and recorded in written ledgers. 
Pat Kinsel, founder and CEO of Notarize, believes society has grappled for too
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The Second Hundred’s best year in recent history was a spike, not the new normal. To face the growing headwinds that drive consolidation, some in the Second Hundred are racing for scale, but many others are looking inward and focusing on what they’re good at.
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Fastcase, a leading legal information technology company and publisher, has relaunched the recently acquired Law Street Media (https://lawstreetmedia.com/), an online legal news platform targeted toward lawyers and law students.  The site covers major state and federal litigation and industry developments with the goal of delivering high-quality news content that both informs and connects law firms with potential clients.
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