It is currently available only by request on an early-access basis, but will be generally available later this year.
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It has been just over a year since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company was changing its name to Meta, revealing his vision for the future of online interaction.
In the wake of that news, it seemed all anyone could talk about was the metaverse, and that extended to the legal industry, and even to law firms forming metaverse
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The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice (ATJ Commission) recently announced that the Motion to Seal Court File in an Eviction Case form suite is available for comment for 45 days, through March 3, 2023.
This new form set is meant to help self-represented litigants request to seal their eviction court files.
The forms and a link to
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Web3 is rapidly deploying globally. There are those that are building, and those that are harnassing the skills to build. One can birth the other.

In today’s discussion, I speak with Vishwastam (Vishy) Shukla, Chief Technology Officer at HackerEarth, which is a tech hiring platform that helps recruiters and engineering managers effortlessly hire the best developers thanks to a powerful
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Editor’s Note: James (Jim) Sandman, president emeritus of the Legal Services Corporation, is chair of IAALS’ board of advisors and executive committee. Trusted partners are key to IAALS’ process, and we’re excited to showcase their passion and expertise. In this Q&A, Jim discusses access to justice, why IAALS’ work is essential, and the one thing he can’t live without.Why
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So the publicity stunt of the robot lawyer sneaking into court is no more, as Joshua Browder, founder and CEO of the self-help legal site DoNotPay, yesterday pulled the plug on the prank, saying he had received threats from bar officials of prosecution and even imprisonment.
That news followed a scathing series of tweets by a woman who
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