What do you tell your kids to consider as they think about their career path ahead with the rise of AI?  It’s not an easy question to answer.  My guest today, Frank Vella, CEO at Constant Contact, delves into this topic and much more.  We combine a discussion on AI with business platforms, working remote, and marketing.  Entrepreneurship is alive
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Two legal companies that are leaders in document and contracts technology, Zuva and Litera, revealed today that they have developed a multi-level document classification taxonomy for use by legal professionals and companies, and that they have contributed the taxonomy to the SALI Alliance, a group working to standardize legal data, to make it available on an open-source basis.
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Eleven prominent international law firms have formed a first-of-its-kind consortium to build a series of on-demand and interactive training programs in generative AI for lawyers and legal professionals, and the courses are now being offered to other firms on a subscription basis as they are released over the coming months.
The series of courses, called Generative AI Fundamentals for Law
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When San Francisco lawyer Todd Schneider’s litigation firm, Schneider Wallace, became frustrated with its options for case management software — finding existing products to be antiquated, inflexible, and better suited to transactional practices — the firm decided to build its own. From those roots was developed Clarra, a cloud-based case management platform that spun off from the firm
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long ceased to be the stuff of science fiction and is now deeply embedded in our daily lives. While it’s essential to understand AI’s incredible capabilities, it’s equally crucial for legal professionals to grasp the risks and challenges that come with using this technology in a legal context. This blog post aims to provide a
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Zuva and Litera have built a document classification taxonomy covering 225 document types which they are open-sourcing via the Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance.  Zuva is today …
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The post Zuva and Litera partner with SALI to release open-source document classification taxonomy 
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[Ed. Note: This episode discusses sensitive issues including depression and suicide. -GL]
Mental health and wellbeing issues have long posed challenges in the legal profession.
However, in this thoughtful episode of The Geek in Review podcast, hosts Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert have an enlightening discussion with three experts on concrete ways to foster greater wellness.
Defining wellbeing holistically, Bree
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