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Lawyers make their living with words. They employ their tool of the trade by carefully crafting what is said in the courtroom and on paper, from a jury trial to a real estate contract.
A good lawyer also knows that words that may work wonderfully
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In this week’s episode, author, political commentator and former Big Law attorney Sophia Nelson discusses the implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent rulings regarding abortion and gun control, the legal industry’s increasing inability to remain silent on political and social issues and shifting attitudes toward mental health and diversity in the profession.
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Pre/Dicta launched yesterday from former litigator Dan Rabinowitz, who believes that combining case data with external information can not only provide a fuller data-based picture, but also better predict outcomes for defense and plaintiff firms alike.
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All too often, we think of the legal market, especially for law firms, as being composed of BigLaw or at least lawyers that bill by the hour.
The truth is, though, that today’s legal marketplace is composed of various segments. These segments have business models and goals that are so different that they might as well be thought of
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Alda Leu Dennis, general partner at Initialized Capital, explains why she’d like law firms to be more receptive to tech transformation, how she wants tech companies to ‘sell the dream,’ and why the person she’d love to meet most could be you.
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One of the best things about writing  my blog is having the chance to interview and watch lawyers transform their ” there’s gotta be a better way” moment into a product. One of the worst thing about my blog is having  to report when a wonderful “start-up” has to shut down. In this case the lawyer was Rick Merrill who
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The hardest stories I have to report are the ones about legal tech startups that are forced to shut down. Today brings news that Gavelytics, a seven-year-old litigation analytics company, is closing its doors effective tomorrow.
I first wrote about Gavelytics on the day that its product publicly launched, Sept. 26, 2017, and later had the opportunity to
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