For tax lawyers and accountants, a major pain point is the time they spend drawing complex entity and relationship diagrams — diagrams that map the major players involved in a client’s tax scenario and the relationships among them.
Until now, the state of the art for creating these diagrams has been Microsoft PowerPoint, according to Benjamin Alarie, cofounder and
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A new integration between two litigation-focused legal technology products connects more than 500 million federal and state litigation dockets and documents with a database of expert witness and judicial profiles, with the aim of helping lawyers better evaluate expert witnesses.
The integration is between Docket Alarm, a Fastcase-owned product that mines federal and state court dockets to provide
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Docket Alarm is excited to announce a new integration with Courtroom Insight, a litigation knowledge management solution. The integration is set to improve the way the legal publishing world works together on connecting and sharing data to serve clients with better access to facts and research. Now, Courtroom Insight (CRI) users benefit from Docket Alarm’s database of over half
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Today Fastcase and Courtroom Insight are announcing a partnership which will integrate Docket Alarm with the Courtroom Insight knowledge management product. Courtroom Insight which offers a database including thousands of profiles for judges, expert witnesses and arbitrators, allows law firms to build out custom experience database mapping internal lawyer experience to those profiles. . Docket Alarm’s 500 million state and
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The latest Law Street Insights article provides an overview of litigation against top health insurance companies, like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna. We explore the federal court filings by and against these gigantic companies, explore where they are being sued, and reveal who is representing them.
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Expands Analytics and Insights Capabilities Across both Platforms
Washington, DC (October 18, 2021) – Fastcase and Courtroom Insight today announced their partnership to integrate Fastcase’s Docket Alarm with the Courtroom Insight knowledge management solution. As part of this integration, more than 500 million state and federal litigation dockets and documents within Docket Alarm – the largest database of its kind –
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From : Blog Entry>>Sarah’s Blog EntryResearch identifies common Microsoft 365 challenges – and we offer solutions What’s the biggest challenge with Microsoft 365 implementations these days? According to Colligo research, it’s a perfect three-way tie between: 1. content sprawl, 2. lack of governance controls, and 3. lack of metadata and labelling. While a few of our recent
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From : Blog Entry>>Ken’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Ken Fishkin, CISSP, CCSP, CIPT, CIPM, CIPP/US, CISM, CEH, and many others. Since 1996, I have been pursuing industry certifications.  I have always found them to be an essential part of my career growth, because I use them as entry points to learn new
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In an explosive exposé last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that 131 federal judges broke the law by hearing cases where they had a financial interest.
To uncover those violations, reporters reviewed the financial holdings of some 700 federal judges and compared them against tens of thousands of court cases.
The data the Journal used was compiled by the
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryMatter intake process in legal firms Legal matter intake in a law firm refers to the process of initial client interaction, ensuring strong client relationships as well as help to make well-informed business decisions. It evaluates the merits of new business (matter) as well as new clients to propose further plans. The
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Let’s talk about “digital knowledge work” and the new problems it‘s foist upon us lawyers.
First, some quick background…
Knowledge Work 101
I’ve , lawyers should think of themselves as “” (a term first coined by the well-known management guru in the late 1950s).
When Drucker came up with the term, it mostly referred
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Anyone who knows me knows that I have complicated feelings about my place of birth. At the moment, the U.K. can best be described as a “mixed bag.”
However, there are certain things I will always love about home, one of which is its governmental “nudge unit.” Officially called The Behavioural Insights Team, the organization, which is based on
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Each year, National Hispanic Heritage Month honors the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans and celebrates their influence on the history, culture, and achievements of the U.S.
We spoke with Andrea Belard, president of the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois (HLAI), about creating a sense of belonging in the legal profession, how law firms can better recruit and
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Is LegalZoom the future of legal services? Early this month, the Arizona Supreme Court approved LZ Legal Services, a subsidiary of the online legal and compliance platform LegalZoom, for an Alternative Business Structure license in the state.
This means that LegalZoom will be able to provide limited legal services to individuals and small businesses, as well as to create
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