“I was already at my first firm when I started gaining a following, as opposed to just getting some followers or having something go viral,” said Reb Masel, an associate at a mid-size law firm and viral TikTok content creator. “As an associate seeing that happen, where is it in our legal handbook that says, ‘When you go viral this
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From : Blog Entry >> Brendan’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog post authored by Brendan Miller, Legal Innovation Consultant. We’ve all been there. You’re the newest member of a team. You’ve joined a project in an area new to you. Or, you have a new member joining your team. The newness can be both exciting and daunting. You want
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From : Blog Entry >> Angel’s Blog EntryWhat You Need to Know In today’s complex business landscape, managing regulatory risks is crucial. Implementing a robust Records and Information Management (RIM) system is a key approach. However, challenges such as budget limitations, IT complexities, security concerns, and compliance hurdles often arise. This article offers practical solutions and insights to navigate
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[This guest post is by Maya Markovich, executive director of the Justice Technology Association, an organization formed to support companies in the justice tech sector. She is also executive in residence for justice tech at Village Capital, the largest organization in the world supporting impact-driven, seed-stage startups.]
Justice tech entered mainstream industry consciousness in 2022 as the social impact
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UK technology consulting company Scrumconnect Consulting today (7 December) announced that it has been awarded a two-year digital transformation services contract by His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). The …
Scrumconnect Consulting wins £12.75m digital transformation contract from HMCTS Read More »
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