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As you know, we are in an AI revolution. Healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment, to LegalTech and FinTech; each are being transformed and artificial intelligence is set to upend every aspect of our lives.

But alas… AI has a glaring weakness, Internet misinformation.

Alex is here today sharing what we need to know about the future of AI, its impact on
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Say hello to AI Joe! It’s finally time to introduce him, my digital twin, or avatar. He will be here to read out my latest blogs and possibly do some presentations initially. Eventually, he will take on more and more work as the algorithms improve. The algorithm training was quick. The voice and video are all synthetic, and while the
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Today we investigate what I think is a striking lack of women represented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, especially the FinTech sector. With only 8% of leadership roles in FinTech companies held by women, I spend some time with Monica Eaton, Founder of LIFT to understand what might be happening, and more importantly what we can do
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“Humanity is just a passing phase for evolutionary intelligence.”

This is a tough one to swallow, but this could absolutely change everything in your life.  Your job is likely going away very soon.  Seriously, that sounds ridiculous, and I know is painful to ponder.  I believe this will happen in the coming handful of years for many; and unfortunately, that
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This is amazing technology! Here is a quick introduction into AI generated voice, and deepfake tech which can be leveraged for good. You can take any video in one language and have it translated with lip sync, voice simulation, in any number of languages.
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This podcast panel showcases the two experts in the field of legal technologies. This thought-leadership piece will showcase an epic conversation highlighting the state of legal technology, future innovation, and getting into the brass tacks of what makes a legal technology the best.

Questions the moderator will ask the speakers:

1) With so many different legal technologies out there, it
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At Quantum World Congress, I met with Dr. Kristin Gilkes who is the Global Quantum Leader for EY to discuss what the landscape of quantum is today.

The way Kristin sees this space, is that she recognizes that not everyone can afford to invest in experimental quantum hardware. Their broader goal is to democratize quantum, and EY has been testing
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Quantum is the next great emerging technology that few are really talking about, until now. Today we spoke with Hrant Gharibyan, Co-founder & CEO at BlueQubit. He has focused on a number of different areas including the model of traversable wormholes in holography to develop a new kind of teleportation protocol. Yes, we talked about wormholes. He named this protocol
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Today I got into it with Jonathan Taplin, Director Emeritus, Annenberg Innovation Lab at USC (University of Southern California). He and I have pretty different perspectives on AI, blockchain, and technology in general and where it is taking us as a society. Jonathan was the founder and first director of USC Annenberg’s Innovation Lab. Long before that, he managed tours
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This was an amazing conversation with Tobias Dengel, President of WillowTree. We deep dive into the impact of voice on all digital technology both now and what is right around the corner. This is weighty stuff.

Dengel has a fascinating argument that voice technology is poised to drastically alter the way we live and how companies do business. He says
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What do you tell your kids to consider as they think about their career path ahead with the rise of AI?  It’s not an easy question to answer.  My guest today, Frank Vella, CEO at Constant Contact, delves into this topic and much more.  We combine a discussion on AI with business platforms, working remote, and marketing.  Entrepreneurship is alive
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How are small and medium sized businesses fairing post pandemic?  What are entrepreneurs’ most significant challenges, and what will the economy look like over the next year?  Those are some fascinating and weighty topics!  All of these timely topics, and a discussion about the recent U.S. digital transaction service, FedNow, including an overview of what Business Blueprint & Banking at
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This was a very interesting conversation about the future of logistics, that cumbersome “last mile” of getting you what you want quickly and efficiently.  In this wide-ranging conversation with Anar Mammadov, Technical Co-Founder at Senpex, we focused on the revolution of how AI is improving this industry.  In addition, we touch on autonomous vehicles, as well as other integral logistics
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The future of work is one of the most discussed topics currently.  On today’s program, we delve into the battle and future of hybrid work and AI in the workplace.  It was a distinct pleasure to have Jeetu Patel Cisco’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration join me for this conversation.  We discussed the new iteration
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Today I had a really encouraging and thoughtful conversation with Anna Stone, Executive Director at GoodDollar.  GoodDollar is a protocol to deliver a global universal basic income (UBI) to anyone who wants it.  Their philosophy is that they believe this is a great way to onboard more people into Web3, and to give out digital money that people can use
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