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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s easy to be swept up by utopian dreams or dystopian fears. But what does the future of AI really hold? Srinivas Narayanan, Vice President of Applied AI at OpenAI, recently shared his insights at the “From the Labs of OpenAI” session, offering a nuanced perspective on where AI is heading and
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What impact might current legislation have on digital assets? How can someone navigate through the complexities of cryptocurrency rules and regulations? This was an insightful conversation with two gurus of digital assets from CahillNXT, at the law firm Cahill. I met with Samson A. Enzer and Lewis Rinaudo Cohen at Consensus in Austin recently. They serve as Co-Chairs, Digital Assets
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The session “Creating a Safe and Thriving AI Sector” at the MIT EmTech Digital conference was led by Asu Ozdaglar, the Deputy Dean of Academics at MIT’s Schwarzman College of Computing. With the poise of a seasoned orator and the precision of a chess grandmaster, Ozdaglar dove into the labyrinth of AI development, focusing on its implications for human flourishing.
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In the midst of a historic election year, the topic of technology’s role in shaping democratic processes has never been more pertinent. At the MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference “Elections and the Future of Misinformation” session, Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs at Meta, provided a comprehensive look at how social media influences elections and the measures Meta is taking
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The world of artificial intelligence is brimming with innovation and complexity, but nothing quite matches the potential of liquid neural networks. At the recent “Liquid Neural Networks” session at MIT EmTech Digital Conference, Ramin Hasani, CEO of Liquid AI, offered a compelling glimpse into this cutting-edge technology and its transformative capabilities. Here’s a deep dive into what liquid neural networks
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Are you sleeping on the potential of NFTs?  Today I had a fantastic chat with Zach Burks, CEO & Founder at Mintable. As we all know now, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens are a derivative of blockchain technology.  The mania peaked in 2021 with the likes of Bored Apes and CryptoPunks, the latter is still seen as the original grail in
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The session “AI Goes to Court” at the MIT EmTech Digital conference was led by Amir Ghavi, AI, Tech Transactions & IP Partner at Fried Frank LLP. Ghavi, who represents several prominent AI companies such as Stability AI, took the stage with a lively and engaging presentation, acknowledging the challenge of discussing lawsuits before lunch. He aimed to shed light
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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, decentralization is emerging as a critical paradigm shift, promising to revolutionize how we handle data, privacy, and AI capabilities. At the “Decentralized AI” session, Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab, provided an illuminating and thought-provoking perspective on this topic. Here’s an exploration of the concepts discussed and their potential implications for
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Today we’re venturing into Web3 gaming. Backed by a team of creatives from LucasFilm, Disney, Activision among others, we’re diving into a brand new game about to launch (in Closed Beta) called MetalCore. I spoke with Dan Nikolaides, CTO of MetalCore, which is a multiplayer combined arms shooter, and is one of the first games built on Immutable zkEVM live
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Today we focus on migration and technology, and the people caught in the middle.  

My guest, Petra Molnar, has written: The Walls Have Eyes: Surviving Migration in the Age of Artificial Intelligence offers a global story of the sharpening of borders through technological experiments while also introducing strategies of togetherness across physical and ideological borders.

Based on years of researching
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What’s New?

OpenAI just debuted GPT-4o, a new kind of “Omnimodel” or multimodal AI model that you can simply communicate with in real time in a live voice conversation.  There is also the ability to use video streams from your phone or computer and text. Impressively, the model will be free for all users through both the GPT app and
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The AI Act was signed into law in the EU recently.  In addition, the UK and US signed a landmark deal to work together on testing advanced artificial intelligence—both countries will now work together on developing ‘robust” methods for evaluating the safety of AI tools and the systems that underpin them.  We will go deeper on how AI and regulation
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Washington, D.C., Walter E. Washington Convention Center – In the whirlwind world of technology and geopolitics, the recent panel discussion on “The Future of Geopolitics and the Role of Innovation and Technology” offered a fascinating blend of perspectives from esteemed experts, including Alex Karp, Cofounder and CEO, Palantir; David S. Cohen, Deputy Director Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Eric Schmidt, Chair
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This was an extremely refreshing conversation with Anurag Dhingra, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering at Webex by Cisco.  He has a deeply technical background and has risen through the ranks to focus on the importance about generative AI in the workplace.

In today’s tech-dependent world, Cisco notes the importance of delivering tech with integrity and purpose, and the
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Recently at the Dubai Future Forum, they gathered several presenters together and posed some interesting questions to us about data governance, privacy and the future of the space.  Here are some thoughts from me and some of my colleagues from the event.  This was filmed before I left my previous post and was released recently via the Dubai Future Foundation.
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