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Wonderful conversation today with Steven Dung, CTO, of Portkey, part of the aelf ecosystem. We discussed the current state of blockchain, wallets and the evolution of people from Web2 to Web3.

Mainnet has recently welcomed the deployment of the first CA (contract account) contract by Portkey, the first CA wallet project from aelf ecosystem. Approved by all BPs, the Portkey.Contracts.CA
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Dubai, UAE – It was a pleasure and an honor to have been invited back to Dubai, and speak in front of their Excellencies and part of the Royal Family. I presented on several technologies that governments around the world will have to think about over the course of the next several years. These will impact nearly everyone around the
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Lovely conversation today with Neil Trevett, Chair of the Metaverse Standards Forum! We get to hear about what led him to his position and the important need that the Forum is working on right now, as the Metaverse takes off. I have seen this firsthand when meeting with companies and firms of all sizes. They are looking for a guiding
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Very interesting conversation with Jack Jia, Head of Gatefi (Crypto) at Unlimint. They specialize in global payment systems and you can gather that they are very interested in how crypto can do this efficiently and legally around the world.

A note about Unlimint. Since launching a decade ago, we’ve helped thousands of businesses boost revenue and improve conversion. We’ve done
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Recently, I was interviewed at the behest of Fox Business, by Kristen Altus on the topic of the impact of AI on children surrounding the Snapchat “My AI.” You can view and read the entire story below entitled, Tech experts warn Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ major ‘misstep’ has ‘dangers ahead’ for children. See the following video on my take about AI
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Here is my conversation with Medha Parlikar, Co-founder and CEO of CasperLabs. It is great to hear her take on enterprise level blockchains.

Casper is the first blockchain built specifically for business adoption. Casper’s unique design allows it to adapt and endure with your business over time – and thanks to Casper Labs, organizations building on Casper always have a
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Consensus 2023 was loaded with activity this year. Much of the discussion was around regulation in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT space. On the side stage of Grit House Daily, I moderated a fantastic crew of experts in blockchain and AI. The focus of the panel was CeFi Broke, but is DeFi or other Emerging Technology the Answer?

I firmly
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By Joseph Raczynski

At MIT EmTech Conference – Cambridge, MA

This is not a joke.  Our time is short here on Earth, according to Geoffrey Hinton Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto; Engineering Fellow, Google, “All of humanity is just a passing phase, for intelligence.”  In other words, we don’t have much more time.  This is a stunning statement, and what
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Today, I spoke with Karn Saroya, Co-founder and CEO, at Re.  This is an area that I was very interested in learning more about as the company Re is essentially a ‘decentralized Lloyds of London’.

Reinsurance transfers the risk from one insurance company to another to reduce the likelihood of a large payout. The reinsurer will receive a cut of
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By Joseph Raczynski (+Art)

Consensus 2023 is a wrap!  With over 15,000 attendees in Austin, Texas they were a testament to the level of optimism that still remains in the crypto space despite a lack of regulatory clarity.  The event was attended by people from traditional finance, Web3, government agencies, and crypto advocates, all of whom had a common goal
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It was wonderful to sit down with Jennifer Poulson, Vice President, Game Partnerships at Immutable during NFT.NYC. Our conversation was a wide ranging overview about Web3 gaming. She shares her vision on gaming and we get to hear about what is coming down the road with Immutable.

Immutable is a global leader in gaming on a mission to bring digital
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One of the challenges with digital assets these days is building out the plumbing. In other words, creating the infrastructure which allows for everyone to take advantage of these new systems. It is a lot of work to do behind the scenes. Hatchfi, and its Founder and CEO, Carlos Feliciano is hard at work connecting over 20 blockchains, 200 wallets
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AI is nonstop in the headlines these days. Conversational AI and Large Language Models lead the way with these discussions. Today, I had a very enjoyable conversation with Prasanna Arikala, Chief Technology Officer at They are the the world leader in Conversational AI technology, helping companies deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers, agents, and employees on voice and digital
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What do Ryan Reynolds and and new blockchain version of the Bachelorette have in common? Well, my guest today discusses both as it relates to blockchain tech. Back to my roots, I spoke with Geoff Lee, an attorney at Ramo Law PC today. We dove into Web3, especially how the entertainment industry is leveraging NFTs to further brands and build
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