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Docketwise, a case management platform for immigration lawyers, has now added built-in e-signature functionality.
Docketwise says it is now the only legal immigration software platform that has e-signature technology natively within its platform, as opposed to integrating with a third-party signature technology.
More about Docketwise on the LawNext Legal Technology Directory.
The company said that the addition of
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In a unique partnership between a law firm and a legal technology company, the immigration firm Siskind Susser and its technology affiliate Visalaw.Ai have entered into a collaboration agreement with the legal technology and publishing company Fastcase to develop what they say will be a state-of-the-art immigration case management and document automation platform.
The new product is being built on
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LollyLaw, a cloud-based practice management platform designed for immigration lawyers, is today launching a native electronic payments platform, LollyPayments.
The new e-payments capability enables LollyLaw customers to collect and reconcile payments without having to switch between LollyLaw and third-party vendors. It is available to all LollyLaw customers as of today.
The launch of LollyPayments comes less than three months
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The law practice management company MyCase said today that it has acquired Docketwise, a software platform for immigration attorneys that provides case management, immigration forms, and client-relationship management.
This is the second time in less than a month that a practice management company has acquired a platform for immigration lawyers. As reported here on April 20, the practice
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On this episode of the video series How It Works: LollyLaw, a cloud-based, all-in-one case management platform for immigration law firms.
LollyLaw, which was recently acquired by law practice management company Paradigm, is designed to allow immigration lawyers to effortlessly manage all major functions of their practice through a single, intuitive platform.
LollyLaw helps streamline a firm’s client intake,
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The law practice management company Paradigm has acquired LollyLaw, a cloud-based, all-in-one practice management platform designed for immigration law firms.
The acquisition adds immigration software to Paradigm’s portfolio of law practice products that already includes the practice management platforms PracticePantherBill4Time and MerusCase; the payments platform Headnote; and the legal accounting software TrustBooks, which it
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A Hungarian law firm is partnering with a Los Angeles legal tech company and an anonymous legal industry influencer to create an international database of pro bono attorneys willing to represent Ukrainian refugees in need of immigration or asylum aid, and they are looking for more attorneys to sign up.
As of Saturday, they had already signed up more than
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As the world starts to emerge from the pandemic, countries are opening borders and using immigration as a way of boosting their economic recovery. For immigration lawyers this means they’ve never been busier – families need reuniting, job roles must be filled, and corporations are looking for new workers to provide a revenue bounce to […]
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The job market is wide open and paralegals are looking for new roles, leaving many immigration law firms without the skills they need. It’s time to consider a different way.   People are quitting their jobs more than at any other time in the past two decades. More than 15 million US workers—and counting—have quit […]
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In a dramatic reversal of the past four years, President Joe Biden has made—and passed—sweeping changes to US immigration policies. Joe Biden promised to ‘restore the faith in the United States legal immigration system and strengthen the integration and inclusion efforts for new Americans.’ With the ink barely dry on his inauguration papers, Biden made […]
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Brexit employment immigration law implications. It’s been a long road since the UK’s June 23rd, 2016, referendum on Brexit, but Britain has finally canceled its more-than 40-year membership to the EU. But now that it’s finally happened, many employers are still trying to parse Brexit’s employment immigration law implications. Previous guidance still holds true Much […]
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No matter the specific form it takes, we can expect immigration policy to be radically different under the Biden administration than it was under Trump. Under the Trump administration, the US saw 738,000 fewer immigrants. And this isn’t a mere side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic — permanent immigration had declined by 24 percent even before the […]
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