At its LEX Summit user conference this week, the law practice management company Filevine made two major product announcements, and its CEO outlined a broad vision for incorporating AI throughout the company’s products.
The first of the two product announcements is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to translate client documents and then extract and label data from those documents
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Since starting my LawNext podcast in 2018, I have had the great fortune of sitting down almost every week for conversations with the “innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in law.” While I enjoy each and every conversation, the numbers of listens reveal something about which topics and guests you, the listeners, found most interesting. 
I have two
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Every year since 2010, I have compiled a list of my most-popular posts. In some years, there has seemed to be a theme across the most-read posts. But this year, they seem to span the gamut of topics I cover, from analytics to artificial intelligence, from legal ethics to legal research, from new companies starting up to established companies shutting
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For some employees of legal tech companies, the holidays have been far from merry, as their employers have trimmed headcounts and sent out layoff notices.
The exact number of layoffs in legal tech are unknown. It is difficult to track and confirm layoffs, as companies are often secretive about them. Although, in the U.S., the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining
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Earlier this month, the practice management company Filevine announced that, as part of a new document assembly feature, it had developed a proprietary document format, “.vine,” that it said would replace Microsoft Word and Google Docs in the legal industry. (See, Say What? Filevine Introduces Proprietary Document Format to ‘Become the New Standard in the Legal Industry’.)
In a
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In news that had me checking my calendar to see if it is April 1, the practice management company Filevine says that, as part of a new Document Assembly feature, it has developed a proprietary document format, “.vine,” that it believes will replace Microsoft Word and Google Docs in the legal industry.
“We believe that Document Assembly and .vine will
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Filevine, a Utah-based case management company founded in 2014 with an initial focus on litigation and personal injury law, has raised $108 million in a Series D funding round that it says will help fuel its expansion more deeply into big law, insurance defense, corporate, governmental, and nonprofit legal counsel teams.

The funding was led by StepStone Group, with
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