Depositions and Hearings

From : Blog Entry >> Ryan’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog posted on behalf of Mike Murray, Director of Technical and Creative Solutions, Veritext. With the multitude of formats available for transcripts and exhibits, ensuring your order with the court reporter is accurate can save you hours of hunting for the right file. This article will provide information on
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From : Blog Entry >> Daniel’s Blog EntryPlease enjoy this blog posted on behalf of the author, Rachel Bailey, Product Marketing Manager, Opus2. People want to be able to easily open new software and start working. This is not unique to legal practitioners, but feels particularly important when time is ticking on an important lawsuit. The most useful software
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This has been a busy month on iPhone J.D. with all of the new Apple product announcements, and this month’s coverage has been brought to you by LIT SOFTWARE.  If you are an attorney and you own an iPad, LIT SOFTWARE should be a name that you know well.  Ever since 2010, when Apple first came out with the iPad,
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