The law practice management company Clio today introduced an offer to buy lawyers out of their contracts with competing practice management platforms if they switch to Clio’s platform.

Clio said it will help cover the remaining cost of the contract with the competitor by providing a credit of up to six months of free Clio software. It is also offering free data migration.

The offer is good until July 31, 2022.

“Law firms who are unhappy using antiquated legal practice management software can reach out to Clio to help cover the remaining cost of their contract — with a credit of up to 6 months of free Clio software,” the company says in a page announcing the offer.

To take advantage of the offer, a firm must:

  • Be a new subscriber to Clio.
  • Provide proof of an existing contract with another law practice management software provider.
  • Have at least three months remaining on the contract.
  • Purchase an annual subscription to Clio Manage at one of its three subscription levels: Essentials, Advanced or Complete.

Those who qualify will receive a one-time discount on the Clio subscription. The amount will depend on the firm, based on the remaining value of the prior contract, but will be between the equivalent of 30-180 days of Clio services.

“Outdated technology is making it more burdensome to work with clients and more costly to run a firm,” Clio CEO and founder Jack Newton said in a statement announcing the offer.

“At Clio, we say ‘enough is enough,’ and are committed to providing legal professionals the technology they deserve. We do this knowing that great technology can aid in making access to justice more approachable and affordable.”

Firms can apply here.