On today’sLawNext, it’s a Clio double header, featuring two separate interviews with two of Clio’s top product-focused executives – one with Jonathan Watson, its chief technology officer, and the other with Hemant Kashyap, chief product officer  – both recorded live at the Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville in October. 
Even though I interviewed Watson and Kashyap separately, their
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On Oct. 9, during the Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville, the law practice management company Clio released the 2023 edition of its annual Legal Trends Report. Since it was first published in 2016, the report has established itself as a benchmark of the state of law practice and technology adoption among smaller law firms.
Among the findings in this
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Law firms looking to improve collection rates should consider online billing and payment options, according to new data from Clio’s 2023 Legal Trends Report. And their clients will appreciate the efficiencies.
According to 2021 data from Clio, a legal technology company, 66% of consumers said they prefer to make payments for legal services online, while roughly 60% said
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In the ever-evolving legal technology landscape, innovation has become synonymous with progress. Clio, a leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, has taken a significant step forward for one market segment by recognizing the specialized needs of personal injury law firms and lawyers. The product is called Case Management Software for Personal Injury Firms. The product is an add-on
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In his keynote address at the recently concluded 2023 Clio Cloud Conference, Jack Newton, the founder and CEO of Clio, said that we are at a time in the legal industry when leveraging technology is more important for lawyers than ever before. Technology, he said, enables lawyers to amplify their impact, and when they do that, they can
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Was it just me, or did the Gaylord Opryland somehow seem more tolerable this year?
As I am writing this, I am sitting on a plane, having just taken off from Nashville after attending my 11th Clio Cloud Conference. I am, it turns out, a member of small club of fewer than 10 people who have attended every ClioCon
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There’s little doubt that In today’s rapidly evolving legal landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into legal is poised to change the way lawyers operate. Clio’s unveiling of Clio Duo, a multifaceted AI tool designed to assist legal professionals, raises some interesting questions about the future of the legal profession, what constitutes success and how being a good
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In a separate post today, I wrote about major product announcements made today by the law practice management company Clio during its annual Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville. In addition to those announcements, Clio highlighted a number of updates and enhancements to its existing products, some of which had already been announced over the course of the year. Here
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At its annual Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville today, the law practice management company Clio introduced an array of major new products and product updates, calling the series of announcements its most expansive product update ever in its 15-year history.
(I discuss the product updates and enhancements in a separate post today.)
New products include an add-on offering a
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Starting Monday in Nashville is the 11th annual Clio Cloud Conference, a conference presented by the legal practice management company Clio that focuses on legal tech, legal innovation and the future of legal practice. It will be the largest ClioCon yet, with 2,500 people attending in person and another 1,000 attending virtually, for a total attendance of 3,500.
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Clio has announced a new integration with Google Ads to enable lawyers to more easily promote their firm on Google Search, capture leads from nearby residents, and manage their advertising …
Clio integrates Google Ads within PMS to provide “competitive advertising strategy” Read More »
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Google’s Local Services Ads can be both effective and economical for generating leads for certain types of law practices. Unlike pay-per-click ads, local services ads appear at the top of Google’s results for relevant searches, and you pay only if the potential client calls or messages you through the ad.
Now the law practice management company Clio has announced an
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