The latest Legal Trends Report, published by cloud-based legal technology company Clio, aims to refine a vision for this “better normal,” providing data and analysis that shows the legal industry’s “product-market-fit problem,” where the majority of those needing legal help don’t get it, and how law firms can fill the gap.

In particular, this year’s report uses aggregated and anonymized data from tens of thousands of legal professionals to share:

  • Strategies firms have used to accelerate recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • How legal professionals weigh key priorities for themselves and their firms.
  • How firms are reimagining client experiences in a post-pandemic world, enabled by the rise of cloud-based technologies.

The Legal Trends Report is the featured resource this week on LawSites Resources, a library of downloadable content that includes white papers, webinars, product guides, case studies, industry analysis and much more, provided by experts and vendors within the legal industry.

Download it here.

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