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Jim Calloway is the Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program. I served as co-chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2005 and the first two GPSSF National Solo and Small Firm Conferences in 2006 and 2007. I frequently write and speak on legal technology issues, Internet research, law office management and organization and legal ethics. I make several dozen presentations per year to county bar meetings and other CLE events within Oklahoma.

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I’m back from ABA TECHSHOW 2023 with lots of ideas and inspiration.
Providing Limited Scope Legal Services is one way lawyers can provide legal services more inexpensively. Of course, to be profitable, it is important to make great use of automation to produce the work and online marketing to acquire the clients.
Our OBA MAP Oklahoma Limited Scope Legal Services
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Our new Digital Edge podcast, The Ten Most Popular Office 365 Tips For Lawyers, is really quite special.  I can almost guarantee you will learn at least one thing that you will immediately start to use. Our guest is Danielle DavisRoe, who is a senior consultant at Affinity Consulting Group. She has co-authored legal-specific manuals on Microsoft Word, Excel,
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During the last couple of months of 2022, I taught several CLE programs on ethical issues with lawyers’ use of technology. Password managers are one key to ethical digital security because you can create extremely long passwords no one could guess, and you won’t be tempted to use the same password for many sites, which creates a security weakness. These
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I recently attended a presentation by Judge Scott Schlegel, a Louisiana district judge who has received many accolades for his forward-thinking views about the use of technology to improve court
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proceedings, including text message reminders about appearances and calendars available online for scheduling. He asked those attending the program if they had missed
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This is a guest post by Oklahoma Bar Association Practice Management Advisor Julie Bays.
By Julie Bays
If you spent much time online, you have recently seen several creative writing assignments completed by artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT. One can also describe images and an image will be created with online AI tools such as Many types
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I often consult with lawyers setting up a new solo or small firm practice. There are many items involved in setting up any new business – like applying for an employer identification number (EIN) and deciding on the best entity to use for the business.
But there are also aspects of setting up a law practice unique to the legal
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Do you ever have trouble spotting your cursor? Since I often use three monitors, it is sometimes easy for the tiny, little cursor to get lost when I have many windows open. There’s an easy way to fix that – just make your mouse pointer a little bigger. Start with the Windows icon at the bottom left and then click
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What if you copied a lot of documents to a USB flash drive for working offline and now you can’t find the drive? Do you have to report this potential breach to firm management or notify the client of this potential breach? Suppose a hacker has gotten into your laptop and perhaps downloaded some files?
The short answer is there
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Businesses exist to make a profit. Lawyers often go into practice with the goal of helping their clients with their legal needs. Profits aren’t always the first thing a lawyer thinks about daily, but this should be a primary goal every day.
That is how OBA Practice Management Advisor Julie Bays began her article  Using Technology Tools to Build Financial
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We have certainly seen many weather-related disasters this year. How long has it been since your law firm reviewed its disaster plan? Disaster Planning: It’s Not Just for Hurricanes is our new Digital Edge podcast.
Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson get Shawn Holahan’s top tips for disaster planning in legal practice.  Shawn Holahan is Practice Management Counsel and Loss Prevention
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