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Have you ever created a PDF from a Word or PowerPoint file that didn’t behave as you expected? Maybe links didn’t work or bookmarks within the document were lost during the conversion process.
“How you choose to make a PDF file from Microsoft Office can make quite a difference to how the PDF file looks and behaves. Web links, bookmarks
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If you have recently renewed your cyber insurance policy, then you know how challenging that can be. If you haven’t renewed, the best advice is to start well in advance of the policy expiration date.
If you’ve struggled to afford cyber insurance, you’re not alone. In the past year, prices rose by 30 to 40 percent, and some law firms,
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The Oklahoma Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Conference is back! It will be helf June 23-25 at the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durent.
Oklahoma lawyers and bar staff alike are looking forward to the return of this annual event after Covid kept us from holding this event. So, of course we are attempting to make it bigger and better
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How to Build a Successful Solo Law Practice is our most recent Digital Edge podcast. Our guest Mark Bassingthwaighte. has been a Risk Manager with ALPS, the nation’s largest direct writer of lawyers’ malpractice insurance, since 1998.The podcast has been transcribed so you can either listen or read the transcript. Mark provides a lot of valuable tips about common mistakes
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I think it is very important for lawyers who practice People Law, those primarily representing individuals, to appreciate that the differences between that and more business-oriented types of practices are increasing.
Today these areas are becoming completely different service delivery models. There was a time when a law firm handled its matters in the same way whether the client was
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By Jim Calloway and Julie Bays
(Authors’ note: Because we waited for our print bar journal to be released, we are sharing this some time after ABA TECHSHOW. But that gave us the ability to include some content from other reviewers.)
Law office technology tools increasingly impact how lawyers practice law. I recently talked to a lawyer who said,
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There are two areas related to geotagging photos that lawyers need to appreciate. One is related to privacy and security concerns of both lawyers and their clients. Another relates to the sometimes-hidden evidentiary value of geotagged photos.
As Brian X. Chen, consumer technology columnist for The New York Times, noted in a recent column “Just say no to photo locations”,
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By Julie Bays
Oklahoma Bar Association Practice Management Advisor
In 2019, I wrote in an OBA Journal article on trust accounting basics::
“Frequently, lawyers go into private practice thinking more about their representation of clients rather than the business side of the practice. As a matter of fact, it’s quite common to hear lawyers joke that they went to law
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Today concludes Women’s History Month.
Our Digital Edge podcast this month focused on What Do Women Lawyers Really Want from Their Law Firms? 
Our guest is Roberta Tepper, Chief Member Services Officer of the State Bar of Arizona and was the co-chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2021. Roberta is also a former President of the Arizona Women Lawyers Association Board of
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Ben Stevens,  a family law practitioner in South Carolina who I haveknown for years has authored an interesting post, How Using Latest Technology Can Lower Stress During Your Child Custody Lawsuit,  He discusses Our Family Wizard, PowerSchool Parent Portals, and MyChart medical portals, as well as others. Ben has long been an advocate of using the latest technology to
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When we use software, we accept a lot of default settings. So many lawyers are just using whatever default font for email that came with Outlook or was selected by their IT department. Considering how much lawyers use email for important communications today, you should examine your options.
For example, if you are using a 10-point font for email, you
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It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions. Well, since this comes out in mid-January, it is the time when many New Year’s resolutions have already been made and broken. But with the new year ahead, it is an appropriate time to reflect on your law firm and the goals you have for the year. So instead of calling
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