The contract review company LegalOn Technologies today released LegalOn Assistant, a generative AI chat interface that can answer questions about your contracts, draft clauses, summarize contract terms, and more.
The assistant is available directly within LegalOn’s in-browser contract editing interface and it is available immediately to all customers at no extra cost.
The company says that LegalOn Assistant is
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LegalOn Technologies, has launched LegalOn Assistant, which can answer contract questions, draft clauses, summarize contract terms, and more. According to US CEO Daniel Lewis,  “LegalOn Assistant is an extension of your legal team. It saves you time, handles mundane tasks, and is easy to use in day-to-day work.”

LegalOn includes a suite  tools for streamlining contract review and drafting.
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LegalOn, a company that was already one of Japan’s largest providers of AI contract review technology when it launched into the U.S. market last December, today is announcing its expansion into contract drafting with the release of LegalOn Templates, a collection of more than 100 market-standard templates created and kept current by attorneys experienced in the applicable area of
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Last December, LegalOn, one of Japan’s largest providers of AI contract review technology to corporations and law firms, announced its expansion into the U.S. market, offering limited early access to its product to select users and organizations. 
Today, LegalOn is making its platform commercially available to all customers in the U.S., and as it does, it is releasing
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In Japan, the legal technology company LegalOn, which has operated there under the name LegalForce, is one of the largest providers of AI contract review technology to corporations and law firms, with more than 3,000 customers, 400 employees and $131 million in fundraising, including $101 million this year.
But in the U.S., LegalOn is virtually unknown.
That is likely
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LegalOn Technologies (“LegalOn”) a leading legal technology company from Japan,  has announced its expansion into the United States and  the appointment of Daniel Lewis as US CEO. Daniel Lewis is well known in the U.S. legal tech community as the co-Founder of Ravel Law (later acquired by LexisNexis). Ravel Law completely reimagined the delivery of caselaw research results and was the
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