A dynamic and charismatic leader and conversationalist, here is my discussion with Praful Saklani, Co-Founder and CEO of Pramata.  We focus on LegalTech and the issues clients; law firms, and corporate council have with the contract process.  As Praful is steeped in AI, we certainly go down the rabbit hole of the future of Artificial Intelligence in legal and outside. 

Founded in 2005, Pramata was born of our CEO, Praful Saklani’s own personal experiences and frustration with the complex contract process. Since then they have maintained their mission to ensure that their highly adopted and intuitive platform continues to simplify contract management. They focus as an organization’s technology partner to always have a clean, centralized and searchable resource that empowers the business to self-serve their contract needs without legal intervention, from request to renewal. The result? Legal teams can do more with less and focus on the work that matters.

Praful Saklani has deep expertise in the artificial intelligence technologies core to Pramata, and experience in delivering enterprise process solutions. Prior to co-founding Pramata, he founded and served as CEO of Yatra Corporation, which leveraged artificial intelligence and Internet technologies to optimize travel management processes. Previously, he was co-founder and managing partner of consulting firm, Invotech Systems, and a key executive of Waterhealth International, a social start up focused on bringing affordable drinking water purification solutions to developing countries. He graduated from Swarthmore College, where he received High Honors in economics and political science.