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One of the challenges with digital assets these days is building out the plumbing. In other words, creating the infrastructure which allows for everyone to take advantage of these new systems. It is a lot of work to do behind the scenes. Hatchfi, and its Founder and CEO, Carlos Feliciano is hard at work connecting over 20 blockchains, 200 wallets
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AI is nonstop in the headlines these days. Conversational AI and Large Language Models lead the way with these discussions. Today, I had a very enjoyable conversation with Prasanna Arikala, Chief Technology Officer at They are the the world leader in Conversational AI technology, helping companies deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers, agents, and employees on voice and digital
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What do Ryan Reynolds and and new blockchain version of the Bachelorette have in common? Well, my guest today discusses both as it relates to blockchain tech. Back to my roots, I spoke with Geoff Lee, an attorney at Ramo Law PC today. We dove into Web3, especially how the entertainment industry is leveraging NFTs to further brands and build
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Starting in 2016 when I began presenting, writing, and consulting on various blockchain technologies, one area in particular has always intrigued me, the music industry. Today, I speak with Rory Felton, Co-Founder and CEO of HitPiece. We focus on the trends and the technology, not the most recent noise from the industry.

HitPiece creates a new boundless frontier between music
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AI is the topic du jour, and for good reason. According to my guest today, it will undoubtedly impact all of us fairly dramatically in the next few years. I am fortunate to have the author of “Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us? A layperson’s guide to the concepts, math and pitfalls of AI. We discuss all senarios of AI
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This was an amazing conversation with Janine Yorio who is the Chief Executive Officer of Everyrealm. The focus today was unpacking what the future internet looks like and how people will connect and interact. Everyrealm is a gateway to the metaverse with a background in private equity and in real estate.

Everyrealm is a metaverse holding company with holdings in
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Happy to have been a part of this session “How Do We Define Wealth In The Future?” to uncover the potential shift away from traditional monetary forms of value and the role emerging technologies will play in creating alternative forms of wealth.

The Future Forum is an annual event hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation convening over 400 of the
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I’m happy to have played a small part in the “warm-up act” (speaking just before) Elon Musk today at the World Government Summit in Dubai. I spoke about the future of regulation around new technologies #AI, #Blockchain, #DAOs, and #DigitalWallets – the future of #Web3.

The 2023 #WorldGovernmentSummit with over fifteen thousand attendees, including 20+ heads of state, 250+ ministers,
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It was an honor and a privilege to speak with Sallyann Della Casa.  She is Chief Identity Hacker at GLEAC.  We dive headlong into NFTs and their increasing relevance going forward.  Some background about my esteemed guest.  She is one of the 4% of women globally who has a patent pending method and algorithm (for measuring soft skills) as a
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Web3 is rapidly deploying globally. There are those that are building, and those that are harnassing the skills to build. One can birth the other.

In today’s discussion, I speak with Vishwastam (Vishy) Shukla, Chief Technology Officer at HackerEarth, which is a tech hiring platform that helps recruiters and engineering managers effortlessly hire the best developers thanks to a powerful
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Baker Donelson has always been at the tip of the spear when it comes to their focus on blockchain and other digital assets in legal. Today, I spoke with Justin Daniels, Shareholder, Corporate M&A Technology Attorney and all around NFT, blockchain, and cybersecurity guru. Those are my words, not his.

What I enjoyed about the discussion was Justin’s focus on
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This is my discussion with Michael Eckstein, CEO and Chairman of AllCertified. We get into all things about NFTs and the cetification of art, collectables and eventually all digital assets.

AllCertified is a visionary group of NFT gurus, experienced fintech programmers, cryptocurrency miners, and industry-leading copyright and trademark IP lawyers with deep contacts in the sports, social media, and entertainment
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