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Marketing, advertising and most specifically product placement will never go away, but some of the traditional means of marketing will fade.  Today we peek into what one company is doing to lead the way for advertisers to market via product placement inside of video post production.  Think about all of the time that is involved in placing a can of
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It has been a moment since we stepped back into the LegalTech arena. Today, I am happy to have Rob Scott who is revolutionizing the field of technology law as Chief Innovator of Monjur, a pioneering venture with a laser focus on transforming legal services for IT services firms.

The focus of our discussion was on some of the latest
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Today we dive into the implications, considerations, and possibilities of open-source generative AI systems!

One question that looms for many is could Open-source AI help, hinder or simple coexist with a closed system. As you likely know open-sourced approaches, have democratized access to software, ensured transparency, and improved security for decades, but can it have a similar impact on AI?
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My four favorite topics to speak about and write on over the last decade are blockchain, AI, Legal/FinTech and their future.  Each had a separate narrative, but they are increasingly becoming interconnected.  For this prediction post, I am focused on Crypto and how it is about to explode into the mainstream, in a far more consumable way.

To set the
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The hype over AI is in full flex mode, especially around GenAI.  The focus today will be around how AI can be used in learning and development, offering a glimpse into a new era where personalized, scalable coaching becomes the norm rather than the exception.  We start this conversation with Scott Dust, Chief Research Officer at Cloverleaf surrounding education and
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As you know, we are in an AI revolution. Healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment, to LegalTech and FinTech; each are being transformed and artificial intelligence is set to upend every aspect of our lives.

But alas… AI has a glaring weakness, Internet misinformation.

Alex is here today sharing what we need to know about the future of AI, its impact on
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Say hello to AI Joe! It’s finally time to introduce him, my digital twin, or avatar. He will be here to read out my latest blogs and possibly do some presentations initially. Eventually, he will take on more and more work as the algorithms improve. The algorithm training was quick. The voice and video are all synthetic, and while the
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Today we investigate what I think is a striking lack of women represented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, especially the FinTech sector. With only 8% of leadership roles in FinTech companies held by women, I spend some time with Monica Eaton, Founder of LIFT to understand what might be happening, and more importantly what we can do
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“Humanity is just a passing phase for evolutionary intelligence.”

This is a tough one to swallow, but this could absolutely change everything in your life.  Your job is likely going away very soon.  Seriously, that sounds ridiculous, and I know is painful to ponder.  I believe this will happen in the coming handful of years for many; and unfortunately, that
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This is amazing technology! Here is a quick introduction into AI generated voice, and deepfake tech which can be leveraged for good. You can take any video in one language and have it translated with lip sync, voice simulation, in any number of languages.
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This podcast panel showcases the two experts in the field of legal technologies. This thought-leadership piece will showcase an epic conversation highlighting the state of legal technology, future innovation, and getting into the brass tacks of what makes a legal technology the best.

Questions the moderator will ask the speakers:

1) With so many different legal technologies out there, it
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At Quantum World Congress, I met with Dr. Kristin Gilkes who is the Global Quantum Leader for EY to discuss what the landscape of quantum is today.

The way Kristin sees this space, is that she recognizes that not everyone can afford to invest in experimental quantum hardware. Their broader goal is to democratize quantum, and EY has been testing
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Quantum is the next great emerging technology that few are really talking about, until now. Today we spoke with Hrant Gharibyan, Co-founder & CEO at BlueQubit. He has focused on a number of different areas including the model of traversable wormholes in holography to develop a new kind of teleportation protocol. Yes, we talked about wormholes. He named this protocol
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