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How are small and medium sized businesses fairing post pandemic?  What are entrepreneurs’ most significant challenges, and what will the economy look like over the next year?  Those are some fascinating and weighty topics!  All of these timely topics, and a discussion about the recent U.S. digital transaction service, FedNow, including an overview of what Business Blueprint & Banking at
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This was a very interesting conversation about the future of logistics, that cumbersome “last mile” of getting you what you want quickly and efficiently.  In this wide-ranging conversation with Anar Mammadov, Technical Co-Founder at Senpex, we focused on the revolution of how AI is improving this industry.  In addition, we touch on autonomous vehicles, as well as other integral logistics
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The future of work is one of the most discussed topics currently.  On today’s program, we delve into the battle and future of hybrid work and AI in the workplace.  It was a distinct pleasure to have Jeetu Patel Cisco’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration join me for this conversation.  We discussed the new iteration
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Today I had a really encouraging and thoughtful conversation with Anna Stone, Executive Director at GoodDollar.  GoodDollar is a protocol to deliver a global universal basic income (UBI) to anyone who wants it.  Their philosophy is that they believe this is a great way to onboard more people into Web3, and to give out digital money that people can use
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A dynamic and charismatic leader and conversationalist, here is my discussion with Praful Saklani, Co-Founder and CEO of Pramata.  We focus on LegalTech and the issues clients; law firms, and corporate council have with the contract process.  As Praful is steeped in AI, we certainly go down the rabbit hole of the future of Artificial Intelligence in legal and outside. 
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This was an amazing conversation about the intermix between AI, decentralization, and the future of AI powered applications. I spoke with David Taylor, Co-Founder & CPO at Next Earth, who just launched Next Earth AI Labs. We meander through the current state of AI to the end of time and everything between.

Next Earth AI Labs recognize the importance of
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X is official.  The little blue birdie has taken its flight to a new destination, leaving us all to wonder what the future holds for X and its quirky components.  Will this transformation lead to soaring heights or a humorous flop? Let’s untangle the enigma of X!

Elon Musk, the visionary behind X, has unveiled his grand plan to revolutionize
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Truly enjoyed listening back to this podcast that the exceptional Paul Caddy at Shoosmiths invited me to join back in April. Wide ranging topics from #AI#blockchain, and #NFTs, and their impact on society, business, and law firms were discussed. I touch on the cool and the scary, which always makes for some fun! Check it out
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Wonderful conversation today with Steven Dung, CTO, of Portkey, part of the aelf ecosystem. We discussed the current state of blockchain, wallets and the evolution of people from Web2 to Web3.

Mainnet has recently welcomed the deployment of the first CA (contract account) contract by Portkey, the first CA wallet project from aelf ecosystem. Approved by all BPs, the Portkey.Contracts.CA
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Dubai, UAE – It was a pleasure and an honor to have been invited back to Dubai, and speak in front of their Excellencies and part of the Royal Family. I presented on several technologies that governments around the world will have to think about over the course of the next several years. These will impact nearly everyone around the
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Lovely conversation today with Neil Trevett, Chair of the Metaverse Standards Forum! We get to hear about what led him to his position and the important need that the Forum is working on right now, as the Metaverse takes off. I have seen this firsthand when meeting with companies and firms of all sizes. They are looking for a guiding
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Very interesting conversation with Jack Jia, Head of Gatefi (Crypto) at Unlimint. They specialize in global payment systems and you can gather that they are very interested in how crypto can do this efficiently and legally around the world.

A note about Unlimint. Since launching a decade ago, we’ve helped thousands of businesses boost revenue and improve conversion. We’ve done
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Recently, I was interviewed at the behest of Fox Business, by Kristen Altus on the topic of the impact of AI on children surrounding the Snapchat “My AI.” You can view and read the entire story below entitled, Tech experts warn Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ major ‘misstep’ has ‘dangers ahead’ for children. See the following video on my take about AI
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Here is my conversation with Medha Parlikar, Co-founder and CEO of CasperLabs. It is great to hear her take on enterprise level blockchains.

Casper is the first blockchain built specifically for business adoption. Casper’s unique design allows it to adapt and endure with your business over time – and thanks to Casper Labs, organizations building on Casper always have a
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