Today  LexisNexis® Legal & Professional  is announcing the launch of InterAction+™, a new cloud-based legal CRM that  integrates the workflow around law firm contacts into Outlook and leverages the firms existing Lexis subscriptions to deliver business intelligence into the CRM experience. The new interface add new features, including a modern user experience, cloud infrastructure, and exclusive content from LexisNexis® to help lawyers manage relationships and identify opportunities and at-risk clients.

Integration with Lexis Content. If you have spend the past 3 years building custom API’s to link litigation data with InterAction contacts, you might want to sit down. InterAction+ now offers an “out of the box” solution which will deliver business intelligence insights from their Context analytics tool. Context provides analytics on litigation events involving clients or prospects which  provides  data on litigation events involving clients or prospects which can be filter and analyze data by firm, practice area, and jurisdiction..

InterAction+ with Context Litigation Data Added

Are your relationships at risk? One of the most interesting features it the daahboard which extracts data from Outlook and allows users to quickly identify relationships at risk, clients with low engagement and others that need immediate attention. Engagement is passively captured from Outlook emails and calendar events.

What’s Up Next InterAction+ will continue to add new features and content integrations, including news and company information from LexisNexis® Legal News and LexisNexis® Dossier. I have been begging Lexis to integrate Interaction and Courtlink data for well over a decade. This fit is a “no brainer.” Many firms are cobbling this data together on their own to create custom alerts. I was assured that Courtlink integration is on “the short list.”

“Law firms of all sizes are facing more competition than ever, and technology is a necessary priority to help secure business,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, LexisNexis UK and North America. “InterAction+ combines the power of a legal CRM with exclusive content from LexisNexis®, allowing law firms to stay ahead of the competition.”

InterAction+ with Outlook Data on Relationship Strength

Here are some of the key features:

  • Modern User Interface: Improved layout and design simplifies navigation and improves readability by surfacing essential insights and tasks for a better overall user experience.
  • InterAction+™ Home: At-a-glance dashboard highlights connections that are weak, at risk, and have low engagement to quickly identify collaboration opportunities and take actionable steps.
  • Context: Integrated data from Context, shows litigation events by firm, practice area, and jurisdictions for users’ clients and prospects to inform business development opportunities.
  • Daily Digest: Capture important tasks and activities in a daily configurable email that prioritizes business development and allows the addition of new tasks without interrupting users’ workflow.
  • Mobile: Easily access, from a smart device, client relationship intelligence and litigation opportunities with exclusive LexisNexis content from anywhere you work.

Storage Flexibility With the introduction of InterAction+, customers will have the choice of where data is stored. InterAction+ is a cloud offering, encompassing both the hybrid cloud and full cloud solutions. With the hybrid cloud solution, customers manage their data, and with the full cloud solution, LexisNexis stores data on behalf of customers.

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