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Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.    is releasing significant enhancements to the Arbitrator Tool and a new Relationship Assessment Tool within Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus (KAPP).
Locating information on arbitrators and arbitration awards has always been a challenge.  Wolters Kluwer continues to build out their unique international arbitration platform with new content and functionality to provide new transparency and
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Fastcase Unveils NextChapter Docs Form Preparation, Client Management Tools, and Workflow Tools for All Practice Areas
Customizable Workflows, Custom Case Fields, No-Code Document Automation, Checklists, and More CRM Tools for Every Lawyer
Columbus, OH and Washington, DC (November 16, 2021) – NextChapter, a Fastcase company and a leading provider of legal software that gives attorneys an intuitive application for preparing,
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Today, LexisNexis’ CounselLink will be releasing new data which highlights hourly billing rate discrepancies based on gender and ethnicity. The data comes from more than 20,000 attorney profiles in CounselLink  and analyses hourly billing rates on invoices billed between January 2020 and September 2021. I
I had a call with Kris Satkunis, Director of Strategic Consulting at CounselLink. Satkunis described
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Courtroom Insight which helps law firms jumpstart knowledge management projects aimed at collecting internal intelligence on expert witnesses, judges and arbitrators has just announced a new alliance with Wolters Kluwer. Wolters Kluwer which publishers the premier international arbitration product will allow Kluwer Arbitration subscribers to  integrate content from Courtroom Insight with Wolters Kluwer Arbitration content.

According to the announcement the
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Today, Law360 Pulse  released its new Social Impact Leaders ranking. The new scorecard evaluates law firms on four key indicators of “socially responsible business practices:” racial and ethnic diversity, gender equality, employee engagement and
pro bono service. Ever since The American Lawyer started ranking law firms in 1985 – “profits per partner” has  remained the dominant metric of law firm 
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Today marks the official launch of Wolters Kluwer  Legal & Regulatory US  VitalLaw platform. Last week I posted about the practical impact of this change on law librarians and knowledge managers.  VitalLaw offers a new and expanded version of Cheetah. Customers will benefit from a new dashboard; comprehensive federal and state laws and regulations for all 50 states. Special enhancements
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Everyone welcome’s a crystal ball.  The second anniversary of the pandemic lockdowns  is only a few months away. Law firms which had been resisting remote staffing trends adapted to the virtual workplace overnight. The urgency of D&I initiatives moved to the forefront. Entire new subspecialties emerged in legal practice. The Bloomberg Law 2022 Series explores the multiple ongoing impacts of
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This morning  Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. emailed a stunning announcement to law library directors around the US. The flagship Cheetah legal research platform was being rebranded as VitalLaw. The change is expected to take place  on Monday November 1st.  The librarian list-servs lit-up with the expected questions and concerns as well as a dash of snark. I understand
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Today Fastcase and Matterhorn Transactions are announcing an alliance that will make M&A deal data and analytics available in Fastcase’s legal news platform. Law Street Media.  The deal terms and data will be added to its existing litigation-focused coverage of technology, agriculture, and health law.
According to the press release: “Matterhorn proprietary data analysis provides legal professionals with unparalleled capabilities
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Lexis+ Judicial Brief Analysis was initially conceived as a tool for judges and their clerks.  The Lexis product developers soon realized  that lawyers on opposing sides also need to be able to analyze multiple briefs to identify conflicting or omitted authorities. The specific functions, features and reports in Judicial Brief Analysis were derived from workflow mapping exercises and interviews with
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Today Fastcase and Courtroom Insight are announcing a partnership which will integrate Docket Alarm with the Courtroom Insight knowledge management product. Courtroom Insight which offers a database including thousands of profiles for judges, expert witnesses and arbitrators, allows law firms to build out custom experience database mapping internal lawyer experience to those profiles. . Docket Alarm’s 500 million state and
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Last week Thomson Reuters announced a significant new integration of HighQ with  workflow  features of  Practical Law and 3E features, and  Microsoft Teams®. According to the press release the HighQ workflow platform offers more than “50 customer-driven enhancements.”  The marketplace is demanding tools which drive collaboration and optimize workflows and productivity.
The HighQ 3W DashboardThe new integrations offer the following
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Earlier this month Wolters Kluwer expanded their Practical Insights a component of  Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus . Kluwer which offers the leading arbitration product for lawyers added practical guidance for 23 arbitration topics. The product will expand to 40 topics by November 2021.

The Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus (KAPP) platform launched in 2019 as an add on to Kluwer Arbitration.
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Tuesday morning law librarians around the country began fielding inquiries from lawyers complaining of slow response times and access problems on Westlaw. The disrupted services included: Westlaw, Westlaw Edge, Westlaw UK, Practical Law US and UK, Practical Law Connect, Data Privacy Advisor.
After almost 7 hours of  interrupted access and colossal slow response times, Thomson Reuters representations were reaching out
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Today law 360 pulse released the second part of  their  Summer Associate Survey. The survey ‘s reported goal is to explore the  ongoing impact of the pandemic  as the second class of pandemic summer associates waves goodbye.

The survey was conducted from June 29 to August 9, 2021 and responses were received from 751 individuals. Although the survey was anonymous
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On August 24, I was stunned by a press release announcing that Docket Navigator a U.S. research and analytics platform was being acquired, not by one of the usual U.S. legal tech suspects, but by a U.K. information services platform, Law Business Research, Ltd. (LBR) which has a fairly low profile in the United States. According to the press release
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