Today, I spoke with Karn Saroya, Co-founder and CEO, at Re.  This is an area that I was very interested in learning more about as the company Re is essentially a ‘decentralized Lloyds of London’.

Reinsurance transfers the risk from one insurance company to another to reduce the likelihood of a large payout. The reinsurer will receive a cut of the insurance premiums but will also bear a portion of the losses when a claim is made.

Built on the Avalanche blockchain, Re enables reinsurance brokers to bring business to clients via the protocol. Distributed syndicates on the protocol will be able to underwrite the claims. 

Syndicates can earn yield in return for supplying capital. Members will also be able to earn yield by supplying capital to an index of insurance programs across a range of industries. This will be separated into different tranches, and the member pool will be the senior tranche, according to the whitepaper.