In 2006 I was able to create a thriving practice because of technology. And by “technology” I mean:

  • Paperless workflows
  • Cloud-based file storage
  • Digital automation
  • Low-cost outsourcing
  • Online marketing (e.g. referrals and cold leads)

I learned to use technology by trial and error, but my effort paid huge dividends.

Many lawyers struggle with technology, even today. Frankly, it’s hard to connect the dots without getting confused or frustrated.

Focus on Essentials

Technology options are overwhelming everyone, not just lawyers.

But, there are a few tools that are so powerful that you should focus on these above all others.

I’m not talking about obvious one like Microsoft Word, Slack/Teams or Zoom.

The Best Tech to Focus On

The best tools to focus on are set forth in this .

Specifically, it examines 13 tools you can can use to:

  • Automate your document creation
  • Better organize all of your digital data
  • Systematize whole swaths of your practice
  • Restore sanity to burgeoning email inboxes
  • Keep all your precious data fully secure
  • Communicate better with remote teams
  • Work easily from anywhere, anytime (coffee shops, cruise ships)

To use technology effectively you must be strategic and selective.

The tools in this PDF guide are guaranteed to make a big impact on your law practice.