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Taking screenshots on your Mac screen can be incredibly useful. Why? Well, because…
Screenshots let you capture exactly what you’re seeing on your screen to share with others (or for your later reference).
Here are screenshot use cases:

  • To explain something quickly and easily with an image that would be cumbersome or tedious to explain using words (i.e., for getting

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A huge pain point for many attorneys is gathering documents that are needed to handle the matter.
I’m talking about gathering them from:

  • New clients (generally)
  • Clients in litigation who are required to gather documents for a discovery request
  • Co-counsel – various scenarios
  • Opposing counsel – ditto
  • Third parties – ditto

If it’s just a few documents you need you
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Let me share a personal story about freedom or the lack thereof…
When I was twelve years old, to my great surprise, I suddenly found myself in a foreign country.
Against my will.
How did this happen, you might be asking?
Well, here’s the short version…
Goodbye U.S.A.
After the tumultuous ending of a second marriage, my mother decided to
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If you want your law practice to run smoother, you need to document your workflows.
Documenting workflows will make it easier for you to leverage automation and outsourcing.
Having your workflows systematically documented will make it easier to sell your law practice when the time comes. It will make your practice more valuable, so you’ll be able to sell it
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Lawyers used to denounce and resist marketing and advertising. But, not anymore.
These days, many are eager to self-promote. And frankly, some are too eager.
There’s nothing wrong with enthusiasm per se. The problem is in how some lawyers try to capture attention.
The Problem
Too lawyers now use a marketing ploy I call “contrived enthusiasm.”
For example, they’ll write
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Before 2002, I thought it was impossible to build trust with complete strangers purely by writing.
But after starting a blog in March of that year, I quickly learned that you can create and build trust with total strangers — if you avoid doing a few things that, unfortunately, many lawyers do.
Too many lawyers struggle to write in a
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It sounded sinister when I overheard the guy in the airport say it to his colleague.

“Let’s just keep it that way.”

The implication seemed to be they were fighting a push from some faction that disdained “the way things are.”
Of course, I have no idea what the full context of the discussion was. But the tone sounded conspiratorial.
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Systematizing your work is the key to a smoother-running, more enjoyable law practice.
Lawyers know they need systems in theory, but in practice they have trouble creating them.
Once you understand the vital keys to creating effective systems, you’ll avoid problems and make steady progress towards a much better law practice.
So, let’s examine how you can make that happen.
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In fast changing, it’s best to be self reliant.
When times are stable and predictable, it might make sense to follow the well-worn path, stick to the rules, and not question authorities.
But now?
Now it’s wise to cultivate self reliance, and question “conventional wisdom.”
Here’s a better approach.

  • Think for yourself
  • Act and decide for yourself (it’s

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