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Let’s talk about “digital knowledge work” and the new problems it‘s foist upon us lawyers.
First, some quick background…
Knowledge Work 101
I’ve , lawyers should think of themselves as “” (a term first coined by the well-known management guru in the late 1950s).
When Drucker came up with the term, it mostly referred
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There’s more money to be made solving complex problems, especially common ones that lots of people find really annoying.
Lawyers solve complex problems all the time. But it’s not enough anymore just to know how to solve complex problems.
You need to optimize your problem-solving for the Digital Age.
Opportunity Knocks…
I’ve about how a non-lawyer named Ted
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The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your decisions.
And the quality of your decisions is determined by the quality of your thinking.
We’re not talking about intelligence, by the way. We’re talking about thinking, and making good decisions.
Here’s a thinking test that supposedly only 50% of students at Harvard got right.
It’s a test
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The problem with living in a complex, rapidly changing world is that many things are not as they seem.
Our brains want to simplify the world. But sometimes that’s dangerous.
Superficiality is not dependable enough, for me at least.
So, I prefer to dig deeper to make sure I understand what’s really going on.
And I’ve discovered, mostly the hard
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Communicating with people in today’s world is like playing a fast-paced video game.
Act, react.
Act, react.
Ad nauseam.
But, back in the day…
When George Washington was President, he once remarked:
“We haven’t heard from Ben Franklin in Paris. Perhaps we should write him a letter.”
Think about that.
And consider that maybe, in our incessant communications frenzy…
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