This month I have the pleasure of introducing you to Julia Vitti, Hanzo’s newest account executive.  She’s a veritable dynamo with boundless energy and brings her special mix of humor, thirst for knowledge, and listening ear to every activity to help clients succeed.


What is your role at Hanzo? 


I’m an Account Executive at Hanzo. In my role, I’m constantly researching to find companies that will benefit from our enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery solutions, and I consult with potential clients to help them discover the right solutions to best address their specific challenges. I always want to provide value, and that requires research. Part of that research includes:

  • Speaking with prospects.
  • Learning about their current processes and challenges.
  • Working with our product team to ensure our roadmap aligns with the market’s needs.

In this role, I’m always learning something new about the industry every day and new ways of helping clients achieve their goals!