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Lawyers have a reputation—sometimes deserved, sometimes not—of being technophobic Luddites. While there are certainly exceptions, many lawyers resist change and avoid new technology. When change becomes inevitable, those same lawyers may complain about the disruption to their workflow or call IT to report frequent problems. 
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As we’ve been wrapping up 2021 and looking forward to 2022—again hopeful that at some point this year we’ll see more of a return to “normal” life, whatever that means—I wanted to pause to reflect on our evolving data landscape. We’ve had two years of constant, chaotic change, with no clear end yet in sight. The legal industry has primarily
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In the wake of the ongoing social justice crisis in the United States, Hanzo—like many companies—has been reevaluating its policies and practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion. With the end-of-year holiday season upon us, we’ve been wondering: how can we create a culture that’s inclusive and welcoming to all? How can those of us who celebrate Christmas keep our
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This month I have the pleasure to interview Parker Morris. She’s a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, a global traveler, and a master at seizing the fun. But don’t underestimate this cheerful spirit; at her core, she’s determined,  kind, and relentless in her pursuit to bring value to the team and the enterprise clients she serves. 
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ACEDS and Hanzo have partnered for the second year in a row to survey the market on the use of collaboration data for ediscovery and litigation. We aimed to measure trends of what collaboration data has been embraced by enterprises and how ready these organizations are to manage this data. On December 7th, ACEDS and Hanzo will host a webinar,
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This month I have the pleasure of introducing you to Julia Vitti, Hanzo’s newest account executive.  She’s a veritable dynamo with boundless energy and brings her special mix of humor, thirst for knowledge, and listening ear to every activity to help clients succeed.
What is your role at Hanzo? 
I’m an Account Executive at Hanzo. In my role,
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Managing data preservation for ediscovery requires walking on a knife’s edge. As soon as you can reasonably anticipate a litigation matter, you must rapidly identify and preserve any relevant data. But between litigation matters, your IT department pushes you to minimize the risks and costs of extraneous data by continuously culling your data stores. 
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It’s stressful for workers these days, and Covid-19’s impact has been far-reaching on economic activity and our way of working both now and in the future. With the recurring waves of the virus spreading throughout global communities, life’s rules for engagement seem to be held hostage by the pandemic. Workers must deal with business closures, quarantine requirements, social distancing recommendations,
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As Hanzo celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month, I have the excellent opportunity to highlight another fellow team member representing the Hispanic community. This month, I am featuring Gerardo Madrid. He’s a genuinely kind, hard-working person who also happens to have some phenomenal artisanal talents that make me crave going to New York and meeting him in person. Read
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