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Often, a compliance team may have an archiving solution in place, only to discover their archives aren’t capturing their full dynamic site experience. Sometimes, they find that their archives haven’t captured anything at all beyond a login screen. Or they discover they’re only archiving a single customer experience when there are dozens of possible experiences that are being missed. Some
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With the recent ruling in Red Wolf Energy v. BIA Capital Mgmt. where a judge awarded a default judgment sanction against the defendants for  “repeated” discovery misconduct, including failing to produce a smoking gun Slack exchange, collaboration data is now firmly within established caselaw as ESI that must be preserved and produced as part of discovery.In the wake of the
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Healthcare is a highly innovative, lucrative, and regulated industry, which also makes it a highly litigious industry. From a legal perspective, it makes sense for practitioners to pay close attention to trends happening in health care, because so many facets of the law – litigation, compliance, data privacy – intersect there.
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If your digital marketing efforts span the entire internet, from your corporate website to social media channels, and involve dynamic, interactive, or personalized content, you need to ensure that your web archiving capabilities can keep up.
This requires good communication across all stakeholders, including marketing, web development, IT, legal, and compliance departments. 
Here are four ways to align marketing and
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Proving regulatory compliance requires meticulous record keeping, including records of a company’s website and social media. Even if you follow each regulation carefully, without an immutable archive and corresponding audit trail, there is no way to confirm it to regulating bodies.
Many years ago, when the internet was new, organizations may have only had a handful of web pages to
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Ediscovery and compliance are no longer reactive endeavors. Organizations must be proactive in order to mitigate legal and regulatory risk, and waiting for the perfect API for all of your data sources isn’t a sustainable option. Legal and compliance teams need a solution to capture the required data from the myriad and ever-growing onslaught of SaaS applications in today’s enterprise
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When collecting electronically stored information (ESI) for ediscovery during litigation, it’s essential to realize that each data source carries unique challenges. So the first step in any ediscovery process, especially when dealing with a new data source, is understanding these challenges to choose the right solution.
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When it comes to updates in the law or changes to the rules of civil procedure, attorneys should follow the resulting case law closely to understand the court’s interpretation and to build strategies and best practices around those rulings. It should be no different when it comes to regulatory compliance.
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When it comes to ediscovery and compliance, APIs can give users the ability to use 3rd party solutions to preserve, collect, and even cull data housed in a SaaS application; however, functionality is still limited to what the API is built to communicate. 
Even if an application has an API available, its design is often focused on the modification of
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Connecting to an organization’s various enterprise data sources is a primary goal for any ediscovery solution. After all, how can you identify, preserve, and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI) if you can’t connect to it?
When evaluating an ediscovery solution, one of the first things you might look at is how it might connect with your organization’s data. One of
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