Ready for lift-off? Before you know it, you’ll be boarding a plane for Legalweek, the annual event that draws thousands of legal professionals to gather, network with peers, earn their CLEs, and explore the latest tools and trends affecting the industry.  Hanzo is a proud Legalweek sponsor and we’d love to meet with you. The following are five compelling reasons
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In ediscovery, most of the information collected during litigation involves email and other communication data (e.g. Slack and MS Teams). But the growing use of SaaS applications adds an additional element to the blanket term “collaboration data.”
These applications encompass many uses, including project management, ticketing services, content management, sales data, and more. And each of them usually contains a
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In the 2022 Collaboration Data Benchmarking Report, just over a third (38%) of organizations said that they could not live without collaboration tools, while another 35% said that some of their teams could not live without collaboration tools. When asked how important collaboration tools will be 12 months down the road, 16% of organizations said they wouldn’t be able
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Today is the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest of the Nazi death camps. On this Holocaust Memorial Day, we remember all of those who were killed in genocides across the world. The most infamous of these genocides is the Holocaust, where six million Jews were killed in death camps, alongside other marginalized groups such as the
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If another company claims that it was the first to invent a piece of your intellectual property (IP), would you be ready to respond with the design notes, sketches, and troubleshooting discussions your team generated during development? With remote workforces using dozens of SaaS applications to design new products and develop new ideas, proving ownership of IP can be a
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HR Investigations tend to happen quickly, with the triggering event setting things into motion and demanding some kind of response almost immediately. There is also a desire to resolve the issue in short order. However, when things are moving this fast, errors can arise. This is why having repeatable processes in place is of key importance.
With that in mind,
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