And Why You Need to Know How to Preserve Your Team’s Slack Communications 


Hanzo was proud to participate this year in Slack Frontiers, Slack’s annual user forum. Slack Frontiers went fully virtual, as most conferences have, and had a record-breaking 18,800 registrations. If you had never used Slack before, the conference itself was a true showcase for the value Slack brings for connecting global teams and helping them engage. One such example, was the #social-yelling channel which attracted more than 300 people in full ALL CAPS JOY over the course of the event. Following is a little message regarding the social goal of the channel.

This channel fostered community with strangers that had people joking, sharing questions, posts from other channels and lessons they learned. 

Of course, much of the conversation at the conference was about workplace transformation and the overnight switch to remote work in early 2020. To better understand the challenges and benefits of remote work, Slack recently conducted a global survey of more than 9,000 office workers, asking what the best—and worst—parts of remote work have been.