What do you want most right now in your law practice?

No doubt you’ve thought about new years’ resolutions, or setting goals etc.

This is the time of the year when we all tend to reflect and take stock of where we are and where we’d like to be.


As you reflect on where you are with your law practice, what is it that you are MOST eager do make happen?

Or what’s happening that you’re most eager to minimize or eliminate?

Maybe the question doesn’t seem so simple when you try to answer it.

Maybe you want a couple of different things, and you’re not sure exactly how to prioritize your goals.

And speaking of goals…

What’s your track record for achieving the goals you’ve set in the past?

Are you pretty good at hitting your goals?

If you’re like me, you want to believe that you do a pretty good job. But maybe (like me) you realize that you could do better.

I discovered awhile back that setting goals is not how you move the needle. Of course, disparaging the utility of goals is blasphemy if you’re talking to a “productivity guru.”

But I quit listening to productivity gurus a few years ago.

I started listening to “results-getting” gurus instead. And man, what an improvement that was.

Sure, it’s important to identify what results you want. But it’s more important to have a solid method of getting those results.

So, back to my supposedly simple question…

What do you most want in your practice right now?

If you tell me what results you’re looking for I can give you some guidance on how to get those results.

I can also tell you what the big challenges will be as you pursue your goals.

In fact, I’ll tell you about the biggest “silent killer” that sabotages most of our attempts to make significant improvements in our practices.

I’ll do that in my next blog post.