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Earlier this week, I reported here that the litigation analytics company Gavelytics, which shut down operations in June, has been acquired by a relative newcomer to the legal analytics space, Pre/Dicta, which launched its product in July after two years of development.
Yesterday, I met via Zoom with the CEOs of the two companies, Dan Rabinowitz of Pre/Dicta and
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I always believed that Gavelytics was too good a product to disappear. I reported last summer that the pioneering state litigation analytics company was shutting down. Today’s  press release reports that Gavelytics will live again as the core of  Pre/Dicta‘s state court predictive litigation component. This transformation will fulfill founder Rick Merrill’s dream: “Pre/Dicta created what I always
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Last June, the seven-year-old litigation analytics company Gavelytics shut down, seemingly overnight, with founder and CEO Rick Merrill announcing the news by an email on June 29 that he “recently made the difficult decision to close Gavelytics effective June 30,” as I reported at the time
Now, Gavelytics is rising from the ashes, in a sense, with the announcement
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Pre/Dicta, which makes predictions about the outcome of federal lawsuits, today (11 January) announced that it has acquired defunct state judicial analytics platform Gavelytics, which shut shop in June last …
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Today  Lex Machina and LexisNexis announced the official release of a new topical area of analytics — Internet Law. This new federal practice area  includes data for any case with one or more claims brought under one of the following federal statutes: (i) the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), (ii) the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), or (iii) the
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Trellis, a company that provides legal analytics and research for state trial court records, has expanded its coverage into another five states, bringing its total coverage to 21 states.
Trellis has now added coverage for courts in Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. In each of those states but Michigan, its coverage spans all counties. Michigan covers the counties of Ingham, Montcalm, Oakland, Ottawa,
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The legal analytics platform Lex Machina, which is owned by LexisNexis, has again expanded its coverage, this time adding a Chapter 11 bankruptcy module that provides legal analytics for over 115,000 Chapter 11 proceedings.
The module includes the entire docket in any bankruptcy proceeding filed after 2009 in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code,
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Lex Machina and LexisNexis announced today that it has officially released a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Module, which provides Legal Analytics for over 115,000 Chapter 11 proceedings. It’s been a long time coming. Ever since they launched their Bankruptcy Appeals  Analytics  in 2017, customers have be wondering when Chapter 11 analytics would launch. Hooray! That day is here.
Excellent timing given
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Nicole Clark, CEO of Trellis, discusses why legal tech has reached a tipping point, how women can combat sexism in the workplace through sponsorship, and why a great tech company can never be “done” innovating.
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Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company,  released  a new legal analytics tool “State Motion Metrics”. State Motion Metrics provides insights which can be used to develop a motion strategy or identify the best arguments in state motion practice. State Motion Metrics is available for four Delaware state courts, including the Delaware Court of Chancery. Motion metrics are also available for
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I am a big fan of litigation analytics, even once suggesting that it could be malpractice for a litigator not to use the technology.
There are a number of litigation analytics products on the market, and what they all have in common is that they extract data from court dockets and apply analytics to provide insights into how judges rule
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The hardest stories I have to report are the ones about legal tech startups that are forced to shut down. Today brings news that Gavelytics, a seven-year-old litigation analytics company, is closing its doors effective tomorrow.
I first wrote about Gavelytics on the day that its product publicly launched, Sept. 26, 2017, and later had the opportunity to
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Last year, I wrote here about the beta release by Casetext of a powerful search tool, WeSearch, developed using an emerging branch of artificial intelligence known as neural networks, that is remarkably adept at finding conceptually related documents, even when they contain no matching keywords.
Now, Casetext is formally launching that search tool under a new name, AllSearch, and
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