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Once upon a time, in a magical city called San Francisco, three former lawyers came together to develop an innovative legal research platform, as an alternative to traditional legal research services such as Thomson Reuters Westlaw and LexisNexis. They called their new company Casetext. 

Their original idea was to create a free, comprehensive library of primary legal research materials, supplemented
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Here is my recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here.
Thomson Reuters’ AI Debut Signals a New Era of Widespread AI Integration in Legaltech
Have you been tracking the explosive rate of generative artificial intelligence (AI) innovation? If not, you’re at the risk of being left behind. Innovation and investment in this space
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Thomson Reuters announced several new generative artificial intelligence tools and platforms earlier this week. I had the privilege of attending a press briefing hosted by Thomson Reuters in advance of the announcement. Thomson Reuters personnel discussed the new products and offerings and allowed several of us to try them out. The presentations and products were impressive.

Several articles review these
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Thomson Reuters today delivered on its promise to integrate generative AI within its flagship legal research platform, introducing AI Assisted Research in Westlaw Precision, available immediately to all U.S. Precision customers at no extra cost.
It also previewed its coming integration of Casetext CoCounsel as an AI legal assistant across multiple TR products, including Westlaw Precision, Practical Law, Document Intelligence,
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Yesterday I attended a press event hosted by Thomson Reuters where they announced an demoed a  suite  of four GenAI products and initiatives. Only three months after completing the acquisition of Casetext they are launching a suite of tools which are driven by the integration of Casetext and CoCounsel technologies with TRs legacy AI infrastructure.

Standing on the Doorstep of
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Just three weeks after introducing its generative AI legal research product Lexis+ AI, LexisNexis is keeping the momentum going, today introducing two more products that use generative AI.
One, Lexis Snapshot, provides AI-generated summaries in alerts of new case filings. The other, Lexis Create with Lexis+ AI, brings generative AI drafting assistance to the Lexis Create add-in for Microsoft
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Less than a month ago LexisNexis announced the launch of Lexis+ AI which launched with Conversational search, document drafting, summarization and analysis features. Today they are announcing the availability of two new features designed to speed up workflow and deliver insights from within two very different contexts: CourtLink and Microsoft Word.

Lexis Snapshot The new Lexis Snapshot will summarize complaints
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The e-discovery company DISCO said today it has entered into a long-term license with the international legal research company vLex to obtain access to its U.S. primary law library of cases, statutes, regulations, court rules and constitutions.
The company said it will incorporate the legal research data into its core platform to create a marriage of factual development and legal
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Thomson Reuters said today that it will unveil generative AI enhancements to its flagship legal research product Westlaw Precision on Nov. 15 that will build on its $650 million acquisition of Casetext last June.
TR said it is taking a “best of” approach to product development, leveraging Casetext to accelerate the time for bringing its product to market, while also
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On a special “on location” episode of The Geek in Review, Greg Lambert sits down with ⁠vLex⁠’s ⁠Damien Riehl⁠ for a hands-on demonstration of the new generative AI tool called Vincent AI. While at the ⁠Ark KM⁠ Conference, Riehl explains that vLex has amassed a huge legal dataset over its 35 year history which allows them to now run
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As the 2024 budget planning season ramps up, we all look to both internal and external intelligence to support renewal, cancellation and acquisition decisions.

In August many of my readers participated in the annual Start/Stop survey which was open during the month of August 2023. I partnered with Harbor to conduct the survey and present the results On Thursday, September
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LexisNexis Legal & Professional today (25 October) announced the general availability of Lexis+ AI for U.S. customers. Lexis+ AI is a generative AI solution that Lexis says will provide hallucination-free, linked …
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