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Exterro has acquired eDiscovery rival Zapproved, in a move that the fast-growing private-equity-backed company says will further its vision to provide customers with everything they need to manage their legal …
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Among the things the two e-discovery companies Exterro and Zapproved have in common is that they were both founded in the same year, 2008, and in the same city, Portland, Ore. Now they have something else in common, as they announce today that Exterro has acquired Zapproved.
While the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, Exterro said that the acquisition
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Court rulings in the past few years have codified what people working in ediscovery have known all along: Slack (and other collaboration app data) is discoverable during litigation and should be preserved the same as email as stipulated in Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). With that in mind, here are a few things to consider
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Hanzo, a company whose products help enterprise legal, governance and compliance teams manage collaboration and web-based data, has introduced a new version of its legal hold product, formerly Hanzo Hold, that comes with a new name, Hanzo Illuminate, and new features for more quickly and easily capturing dynamic and interactive web data and identifying risks within that data.
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Managing data preservation for ediscovery requires walking on a knife’s edge. As soon as you can reasonably anticipate a litigation matter, you must rapidly identify and preserve any relevant data. But between litigation matters, your IT department pushes you to minimize the risks and costs of extraneous data by continuously culling your data stores. 
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“Once a party reasonably anticipates litigation, it must suspend its routine document retention/destruction policy and put in place a ‘Legal Hold.”
The above definition is easy to understand the ‘legal hold’ process for any legal department or law firm. Legal teams need to ensure that the legal hold notification reaches to each custodian, stakeholder, or contingent staff to preserve data
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