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For legal professionals, finding high-quality, timely and relevant educational content is essential to maintaining and developing professional competence.
For companies and organizations that develop CLE and other legal-learning materials, developing high-quality content is challenge enough. But even trickier can be keeping that content current.
“High-quality content of course is a baseline,” writes Argentina-based legal technologist Ezequiel Braun Pellegrini. “The relevance
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Training of associates. Everyone agrees it’s critical. But all too often, it’s left to happenstance. As I have discussed before, happenstance training often penalizes women and people of color. Older white partners gravitate toward younger versions of themselves when making assignments that serve as training.

Even beyond that, a “luck of the draw” training approach is pretty dumb, given
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“Training and the development of the next generation is absolutely fundamental for profitability, for growth, for strategy, for everything,” Keith Heddle, managing director of Mackrell International, told Legaltech News.
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Eleven prominent international law firms have formed a first-of-its-kind consortium to build a series of on-demand and interactive training programs in generative AI for lawyers and legal professionals, and the courses are now being offered to other firms on a subscription basis as they are released over the coming months.
The series of courses, called Generative AI Fundamentals for Law
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As generative AI sweeps through the legal profession, lawyers face challenges in learning to use it responsibly and properly. This summer, one of the world’s largest law firms, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, began to address that challenge by partnering with the legal skills training company AltaClaro to develop a training program for its summer associates on prompt engineering and
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