For legal professionals, finding high-quality, timely and relevant educational content is essential to maintaining and developing professional competence.

For companies and organizations that develop CLE and other legal-learning materials, developing high-quality content is challenge enough. But even trickier can be keeping that content current.

“High-quality content of course is a baseline,” writes Argentina-based legal technologist Ezequiel Braun Pellegrini. “The relevance bit is the tricky part. In law, content quickly becomes outdated, and often obsolete.”

Pellegrini, who is founder and CEO of the legal tech company Brevity and a member of the board of directors of the Association of Legaltech Promoters of Argentina, says one Latin American legal tech company, Wolap, has developed a way to use data to ensure its content remains timely and relevant for legal professionals.

He explains how it does it in his article, Leveraging Data to Produce Content Lawyers Need: Wolap is Pioneering Legal E-Learning in Latin America, published in the resources library of the LawNext Legal Technology Directory.