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Last September, two litigation-focused Canadian legal technology companies, CiteRight and Jurisage, announced their merger, with the promise of combining CiteRight’s litigation drafting program with Jurisage’s AI technology to create an integrated legal research and drafting solution.
Now, in the first application to result from that merger, CiteRight is today launching AI Insights by Jurisage, an AI-powered tool
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In this special episode of The Geek in Review, host Greg Lambert sits down with ⁠Ed Walters⁠, Chief Strategy Officer at ⁠vLex⁠, to discuss two significant announcements: the integration of vLex’s ⁠Vincent AI⁠ with ⁠iManage Work⁠ and the automated docket ingestion feature with iManage using vLex’s ⁠Docket Alarm⁠.
The integration between Vincent AI and ⁠iManage’s Insight Plus⁠
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Today vlex and iManage,  are announcing a new partnership which will integrate and enhance their customer’s workflows and access to firm’s knowledge base. Subscribers to the two services will be able to simultaneously query their firm “know how” in their iManage DMS and the vLex public law library and generate an answer. In addition, the firm’s state and federal
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Document management company iManage and legal research company vLex now have something else in common besides brand names that start with lower-case letters.
The two companies today announced a partnership that will combine the artificial intelligence and docket-monitoring tools of vLex with the knowledge assets and client and matter folders that a law firm or legal department stores in iManage.
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Leading UK law firm Irwin Mitchell has selected Lexis+AI to support its lawyers with legal research and drafting. Legal IT Insider’s editor Caroline Hill spoke with Irwin Mitchell partner and […]
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Today Thomson Reuters is announcing a new Generative AI vision. Central to this vision is a new Generative AI Assistant branded as CoCounsel. There was no press conference and no demo to provide context or a Q&A around this announcement. Here is a link to the press release so you can read it for yourself.

The CoCounsel Vision in the
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In addition to introducing three new skills for legal and tax professionals in the U.S. and U.K., Thomson Reuters announced plans to roll out the CoCounsel generative AI assistant across every professional line it serves, including risk, fraud and media.
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Thomson Reuters, continuing to build on its acquisition last June of Casetext and its CoCounsel generative AI legal assistant for a whopping $650 million cash, today disclosed plans to deploy CoCounsel as a single and continuous AI assistant across its entire portfolio of products spanning every professional its serves in legal, tax, risk and fraud, and media.
Also today, TR
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We bring you the latest big legal tech announcements from the past few days. Fulcrum has been recognised within the top 10 of the business services category of the Fast […]
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Litera today released a new product that uses generative artificial intelligence to create a database of corporate deal terms from a law firm’s own documents, in order to give legal teams easy access to al relevant data points from prior transactions, whether for negotiating a deal or pitching a potential client.
The product, Foundation Dragon, creates a searchable collection
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