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In this episode of The Geek in Review podcast, hosts Greg Lambert and Kate Boyd from Sente Advisors (standing in for Marlene Gebauer) sit down with Giles Thompson, Head of Growth, and Jun Choi, Growth Executive at Avvoka, to discuss the company’s innovative approach to document automation and the impact of generative AI on the legal industry.
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LexisNexis Legal & Professional said today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Henchman, a Belgium-based contract drafting legal technology company.
LexisNexis said it is acquiring the company for its document management system that enable faster document drafting. It say its technology enriches a law firm’s internal work product, creating a layer of intelligence on contract databases to
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Acquisition will combine Henchman’s Document Management System data enrichment with trusted LexisNexis drafting guidance content to deliver personalized generative AI experience

NEW YORK, June 3, 2024 – LexisNexis Legal & Professional®, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced it has agreed to acquire Henchman, a legal tech company that enriches data from Document Management Systems (DMS) for faster document
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LexisNexis Legal & Professional today announced it has agreed to acquire Belgian-founded contract drafting startup Henchman. Henchman, which was founded in 2020 by Jorn Vanysacker, Gilles Mattelin and Wouter Van […]
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Document automation software is a key tool for any law firm looking to streamline its creation of legal documents and better manage client-intake data. But with a number of products to choose from, picking the right document automation software for your firm can be difficult.
In this review of Gavel, previously known as Documate, software developer and consultant Ashutosh
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Litera announced today (1 May) that it is partnering with Microsoft to bring new tools to market, including developing a Microsoft Copilot integration in collaboration with Microsoft.  Whereas Litera is […]
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Continue Reading Litera announces go-to-market partnership with Microsoft and Copilot integration under development, a legal technology startup that uses artificial intelligence to generate litigation documents, has added a new module that will draft the complaint to initiate a lawsuit.
While already had modules for litigation tasks such as answering a lawsuit, responding to discovery, and pulling summaries from medical records, this new module allows a user to input relevant information
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Decades ago, I assumed that technology would soon advance to the point where automated document assembly would be fully incorporated in most law offices across the country. While great strides have been made in law office technology tools, and tools for automatically generating documents are much improved over what was available decades previously, many law firms still have not fully
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For solo and small law firms, the current state of legal technology offers both promises and pitfalls. Technology such as generative AI poses traps for the unwary, but for those who understand and embrace technology, there are opportunities to run more profitable and efficient practices, provide better customer experiences, and improve work-life balance.
In light of this state of affairs,
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“Legal innovation means continual forward motion, knocking down the status quo, and delivering technology that helps legal professionals do their very best work,” said Reid Cram in Product Marketing for NetDocuments.
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