Docketing and E-Filing

This week brought notable funding rounds for two legal technology companies, Proof and Spellbook, and a much-smaller seed round for a newer legal tech startup.
Proof Raises $30M Series B
Proof Technology, whose platform facilitates on-demand service of process and electronic filing, has closed a $30.4 million Series B funding round. The round was led by Long Ridge Equity Partners
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At a time when legal technology companies are making it easier to access and analyze court documents, what should – and should not – be done to protect confidential court documents that are sealed from public access?
This question came to a head last July, when a federal court in North Carolina took the drastic step of issuing a standing
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Federal, state and local court e-filing systems are a Tower of Babel-like mishmash of proprietary technologies and paywalls that inhibit public access to court documents.
Now, the Free Law Project, a nonprofit devoted to making legal information publicly and freely available, has received a grant to design and prototype an open access and open source court e-filing system, aiming
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Michael Sander, the founder of Docket Alarm, a product that mines federal and state court dockets to provide litigation alerts and case analytics, has left the company, seven months after its acquisition by legal research company vLex in April.
Docket Alarm was part of legal research company Fastcase, which had acquired it in January 2018, and it
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“We are treating this matter with the highest priority, but we don’t yet know how soon our information systems will be back online,” spokeswoman Lisa Taylor told “Law enforcement is also aware of the security incident, and the Office of Judicial Administration will cooperate with any investigation that may result.”
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Was it just me, or did the Gaylord Opryland somehow seem more tolerable this year?
As I am writing this, I am sitting on a plane, having just taken off from Nashville after attending my 11th Clio Cloud Conference. I am, it turns out, a member of small club of fewer than 10 people who have attended every ClioCon
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There’s little doubt that In today’s rapidly evolving legal landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into legal is poised to change the way lawyers operate. Clio’s unveiling of Clio Duo, a multifaceted AI tool designed to assist legal professionals, raises some interesting questions about the future of the legal profession, what constitutes success and how being a good
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In a separate post today, I wrote about major product announcements made today by the law practice management company Clio during its annual Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville. In addition to those announcements, Clio highlighted a number of updates and enhancements to its existing products, some of which had already been announced over the course of the year. Here
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At its annual Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville today, the law practice management company Clio introduced an array of major new products and product updates, calling the series of announcements its most expansive product update ever in its 15-year history.
(I discuss the product updates and enhancements in a separate post today.)
New products include an add-on offering a
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Starting Monday in Nashville is the 11th annual Clio Cloud Conference, a conference presented by the legal practice management company Clio that focuses on legal tech, legal innovation and the future of legal practice. It will be the largest ClioCon yet, with 2,500 people attending in person and another 1,000 attending virtually, for a total attendance of 3,500.
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Anyone who has had to manage the internal redistribution and filing of daily docket updates from dozens of courts for hundreds of cases in a large law firm, celebrated on the day that automated docket management tools from companies such as PacerPro and ECFX hit the market. Yet, today a federal judge issued a stunning order which could impact lawyers
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