Today on LawNext, we feature two brief, back-to-back interviews with the founders of two separate legal tech startups, both recorded live during the inaugural Knowledge Management & Innovation for Legal Conference held recently in New York City. 
First up is Nicole Clark, cofounder and CEO of Trellis, an AI-powered state court research and analytics platform. (Clark was previously
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As the 2024 budget planning season ramps up, we all look to both internal and external intelligence to support renewal, cancellation and acquisition decisions.

In August many of my readers participated in the annual Start/Stop survey which was open during the month of August 2023. I partnered with Harbor to conduct the survey and present the results On Thursday, September
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The Geek in Review podcast hosts Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert interviewed ⁠Nicole Clark⁠, CEO of ⁠Trellis⁠, about their new Law Firm Intelligence tool (LFI). This tool allows law firms to analyze aggregated and normalized state trial court data to gain competitive intelligence across cases, practice areas, and performance. Collecting this unstructured data from county courts is very
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Trellis’ new state court analytics tools provide much needed insights into litigators and their law firms which will lead to better strategic decisions. But the real value of the tools may be to firm management, especially for large firms with offices in multiple locations. 

Lost in the hoopla recently from the announcements of big players in legal tech of their
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We added a new Court Comparison Analytics feature to Trellis!    Just select a state, counties, motion types and practice areas and we will  build + email you a report with county analytics.   This feature is now live on Trellis…
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Another hurricane season. It came, and then it left, clearing a path of destruction across the Southern United States. Insurance carriers in these climates have learned to be nimble. The market requires them to proactively manage several forms of risk,…
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