The contract management company Ironclad today announced plans to launch a chat interface for complex contract analysis that it says will open a window into the black box of artificial intelligence by showing users the steps it took to come to a conclusion.
Ironclad also today introduced an open-source visual programming environment for building with generative AI and announced other
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On this episode of LawNext, we take you to the conference floor of the CLOC Global Institute, the annual conference of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium that was held May 15-18 in Las Vegas, for a series of brief interviews with 22 of the legal tech companies that exhibited there.
Since the first CLOC Global Institute in 2016, this
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As the contract lifecycle management company Ironclad is today releasing its AI redlining tool AI Assist out of beta, is has revealed that the tool is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, making it what Ironclad says is the first contract redlining application powered by the latest version of Open AI’s generative AI. 
“The results with AI Assist have been beyond what
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The contract lifecycle management company Ironclad has tapped into the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 to introduce AI Assist, a beta feature that instantly redlines contracts based on a company’s playbook of approved clauses and language.
The redlines, made using GPT-3’s generative artificial intelligence, appear as tracked changes in Microsoft Word, where a user can then scan the recommended changes and
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