No-code document generation and workflow automation tool Kim has joined the iManage Technology Partner Program, meaning the pair will be working far more closely together going forward.   As an …
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From : Blog Entry >> Ragav’s Blog EntryExperience the power to collaborate with real-time sharing of iManage content within Team conversations! imDocShare Teams app Access any iManage Work Server/iManage Cloud Content in Microsoft Teams as a personal app, Team Channel Post Tab, 1–1 Private Chat, and Teams Meeting. Users can pin the imDocShare Teams app as a personal app
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The document management company iManage has taken a strategic growth investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities in order to accelerate its organic growth and the continued evolution of its cloud-based platform, it said today.
This is a minority investment and iManage will continue to operate under the leadership of the existing management team, led by its CEO and co-founder Neil
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iManage has received a substantial minority investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities (BCTO), we can reveal, in a move that CEO Neil Araujo tells Legal IT Insider will help propel …
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From : Blog Entry >> Ragav’s Blog EntryExplore the key add-ons of imDocShare! Co-Author, Search, Sync, attach iManage Work Server 10.2+ & iManage Cloud content in SharePoint & Teams with imDocShare Add-ons. imDocShare is an innovative solution to conveniently live view, edit, search and sync iManage Work Server 10.2+ & iManage Cloud content within Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for
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In the latest in the video series How It Works, we take a deep dive into iManage Closing Folders. iManage Closing Folders removes the manual, repetitive tasks from legal transaction management so you can focus on delivering more value to your clients.
Through intelligent automation and collaboration tools, Closing Folders is designed to help you run deals with unparalleled
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Two of the companies whose products are among the most widely used in the legal profession, iManage and Microsoft, are today announcing a global strategic development partnership aimed at innovation, development of new solutions, and delivery of better business outcomes for customers.
The agreement announced today expands on the “better together” partnership that the companies announced last year,
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From : Blog Entry >> Jack’s Blog Entry***Please enjoy this blog post which is posted on behalf of the author, Laura Murphy, Product Manager – Closing Folders, iManage. The past few years have catapulted the legal world into new ways of working. One significant change is the adoption and acceptance of electronic signatures. It is now possible to digitally
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryMatter centricity approach can help firms relieve Microsoft Teams channel chaos and extend governance across shared content. The concept of matter-centric content views with Microsoft Teams is gaining momentum, especially in the legal industry, providing a centralized location for the matter-related content, facilitating collaboration, and making an attorney job comparatively easier. With
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It has been quite a journey for the document management company iManage. Cofounded in 1995 by Neil Araujo and Rafiq Mohammadi, it was acquired in 2003 by Interwoven for $171 million. In 2009, Autonomy acquired Interwoven for $775 million, and then in 2011 Hewlett Packard purchased Autonomy for $11.1 billion, getting iManage in the deal.
But the Autonomy
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryDo your contracts generate business value? How important is it to efficiently create agreements and contracts? An agreement, as well as a contract, play a pivotal role in every industry for completing business transactions. The legal industry is one such industry that needs to deal with the massive volume of contracts and
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Last week may have been the first-ever virtual annual conference of the International Legal Technology Association, but just like past years’ face-to-face ILTACONs, this year’s ILTA>ON was the occasion for a flood of major news announcements from legal technology companies.
And given my own perfect storm last week of spending three hours a day hosting live coverage of the
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