The e-discovery company DISCO said today it has entered into a long-term license with the international legal research company vLex to obtain access to its U.S. primary law library of cases, statutes, regulations, court rules and constitutions.
The company said it will incorporate the legal research data into its core platform to create a marriage of factual development and legal
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On a special “on location” episode of The Geek in Review, Greg Lambert sits down with ⁠vLex⁠’s ⁠Damien Riehl⁠ for a hands-on demonstration of the new generative AI tool called Vincent AI. While at the ⁠Ark KM⁠ Conference, Riehl explains that vLex has amassed a huge legal dataset over its 35 year history which allows them to now run
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As the 2024 budget planning season ramps up, we all look to both internal and external intelligence to support renewal, cancellation and acquisition decisions.

In August many of my readers participated in the annual Start/Stop survey which was open during the month of August 2023. I partnered with Harbor to conduct the survey and present the results On Thursday, September
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Global legal intelligence company vLex today (17 October) launched a major upgrade to its AI legal research assistant Vincent AI, namely a suite of large language model tools that enable users to …
vLex releases suite of global LLM legal research tools in beta  Read More »
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The new gen AI-powered tools allow users to ask questions, build legal arguments, draft briefs and more using natural language queries, while eliminating hallucinations and providing direct links to cited sources.
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When the legal research companies vLex and Fastcase announced their merger in April, they promised the deal would fuel new opportunities for the development of generative AI for legal research. By creating the world’s largest global legal research library, spanning more than 1 billion documents from more than 110 countries, they said, they would have the legal industry’s ultimate
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Today vLex  is announcing a suite of AI tools in its research assistant platform Vincent AI. Since the merger with Fastcase in 2023, vLex has offered the “world’s most comprehensive AI legal research platform.”  vLex has launched an invitation-only beta which includes a suite of large language model (LLM) tools. The beta will be offered to additional users
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Steve Errick, a legal tech and publishing veteran who was formerly chief operating officer at Fastcase and head of the Legal Research Information Division at LexisNexis, has joined the American Arbitration Association as senior vice president and chief development officer.
In this new role, Errick will guide various strategic initiatives, develop services and products, and oversee the AAA’s marketing
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The American Arbitration Association (AAA®), the global leader in arbitration and mediation services and data analytics, announced that Steve Errick will join their international division, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®), as Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer.

Steve has been a highly visible presence at legal tech conferences such as Legal Week, AALL and ILTA in his
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Since 2011, Fastcase has released an annual list of the Fastcase 50, honoring 50 of the law’s “smartest, most courageous, innovators, techies, visionaries, and leaders.” Fortunately, even though Fastcase merged earlier this year with vLex, that tradition continues, as Fastcase has now announced the 2023 honorees
I say “fortunately” because, as I wrote when last year’s list was
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It is a deal that could reshape the legal tech landscape on a global basis and potentially even threaten the longstanding legal research duopoly of Westlaw and LexisNexis.
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It was major news April 4 when the legal research and technology companies Fastcase and vLex announced their merger, creating a single entity that they say now has the world’s largest subscriber base of lawyers and law firms and a legal research library of more than 1 billion documents from more than 100 countries. 
It is a deal that could
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With the news last week of the merger of legal research companies Fastcase and vLex, it seemed a good time to revisit our 2019 interview with the founders of Fastcase, Ed Walters and Phil Rosenthal. The occasion of this interview was the company’s 20th anniversary, and we recorded it live, on the exhibit hall floor, at the annual
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With the merger of Fastcase and vLex the biggest legal tech story of the week, Fastcase CEO Ed Walters joins our Legaltech Week panel live today at 3 p.m. ET to discuss the news with our regular group of legal tech journalists and bloggers.
We’ll also talk about Thomson Reuters’ sale of its Elite group of products and other top
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