Law firms’ use of APIs — or application programming interfaces — is proliferating, as they access data from external sources for a range of purposes, from building analytics, to gathering intelligence on their clients and competitors, to developing proprietary AI tools, and more.

But with the proliferating use of APIs comes a proliferation of legal data vendors offering APIs. How does a law firm choose from among them? What questions should a firm ask a vendor? What red flags should a firm watch for?

In his article, API Checklist for Law Firms: Choosing the Right Legal Data Vendor, Josh Blandi, CEO and cofounder of court data provider UniCourt, offers a list of 10 considerations a firm should look for when choosing an API vendor.

“The continued expansion of the legal technology ecosystem presents law firms with a growing number of legal data vendors and API solutions to choose from,” Blandi writes. “That leads to a good, but difficult, problem of having to sift between providers to find the right API solution to fit your needs.”

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